Design -- State and Local Guidelines

Title Abstract Publication Date
Regulations of the [New York] Commissioner of Education, Part 155, (8 NYCRR 155), Educational Facilities, Amended September 17, 1999, Effective October 7, 1999 Covers New York State Facilities Requirements for the following: 155.1 (revised ) Educational facilities 155.2 (revised ) Construction and remodeling of school district facilities 155.3 (new 10/99)... 09/30/1999
Renovation vs. Replacement: Beyond Arbitrary Rules in the 21st Century. Urges reconsideration of percentage rules that too frequently dictate replacement over renovation of schools. The history of these rules and the evolution of new attitudes are described. 12/31/2002
Replace or Modernize? The Future of the District of Columbia's Endangered Old and Historic Public Schools. This report addresses the decision-making process for replacing or modernizing District of Columbia public schools. The three-section document discusses old and historic schools and their future; the... 04/30/2001
Resource Allocation Through Space Guidelines in Alaska. Describes the history and implementation of Alaska's allowable space guidelines, used by the state to allocate school construction funds. Space per pupil formulas are used rather than dollars... 12/31/2002
Review and Evaluation of the Building and Facility Adequacy Standards of the Wyoming School Facilities Commission. Reports the results of the Commission's review process that included reviewing the design and construction of school facilities across Wyoming, analyzing school facility guidelines from other... 05/31/2008
RIDE School Construction Regulations. Covers requirements for school construction, with sections detailing the state's authority, purpose, scope, definitions, product categories and priorities, followed by standards for construction... 05/23/2007
Roadmap to Zero Net for California Schools. Records a conversation with David Thorman, California State Architect, about his 2007 announcement that all news schools would be Zero Net or Grid Neutral by 2010, saving $1 billion per year with a... 12/31/2007
Rules and Regulations: Minimum Schoolhouse Construction Standards. [Arkansas] The Arkansas Department of Education has published the regulatory guidelines governing the minimum schoolhouse construction standards as well as rules for new construction applications, school site... 12/31/1991
Rules for School Construction Projects. [Maine] This document defines the conditions under which the State of Maine will subsidize school building construction projects. The document identifies several stages of approval that must be secured,... 04/03/2000
Rural School Facilities: State Policies that Provide Students with an Environment to Promote Learning. Defines the essential components of a fair and effective state school facilities policy and suggests a series of policies in five key areas: 1) Setting priorities for approving and funding school... 05/31/2004
Sample Policies on School Construction. Compilation of school construction policies from several states, covering such areas as educational specifications, school size, and the configuration of schools. 12/31/2000
School Building Authority 2007 Guidelines and Procedures Handbook [West Virginia]. Provides guidance for compliance with the Building Authority. The document addresses comprehensive educational facilities plans, funding of School Building Authority projects, funding specific... 12/31/2006
School Building Construction and Inspection Resource Manual. [Utah] This manual contains current legal requirements and information on school building construction and inspection in the state of Utah. Major topics include facilities long-range planning; the role and... 12/31/1999
School Construction Handbook. Advises school board members on a variety of school condition and construction issues, including the impact of facilities on student achievement, how to get started with capital improvements, new... 12/31/2003
School Construction Technical Assistance Manual. [Delaware] This manual is a reference guide for those involved in school planning, maintenance, repair, and construction funded through the Capital Improvement Program for Delaware public schools. It is an... 12/31/1998
School Design Handbook [Texas]. The Dallas Independent School District provides this handbook presenting administrative, planning, design, and technical guidelines for those involved in the design and construction process of new... 04/11/1994
School Design Process. Seattle School District. The goals of these design guidelines are: 1) create a framework for overall district standards for facility design, 2) create a tool for achieving more progressive designs, and 3) create a more... 01/31/2002
School Design Review Checklist. [New Hampshire] Briefly outlines major points to consider when reviewing school design drawings and specifications. 12/31/2006
School Facilities Manual for the School Construction Assistance Program. Explains activities involved in the planning, design, and construction of successful and cost-effective school facilities in Washington state. Chapters cover advance planning; financing; site... 12/31/2007
School Facilities: The State Department's Influence. Focuses on the importance of consulting with the state department of education regarding construction regulations and alternative levels of funding. To determine the involvement of this agency, a... 09/30/2004
School Facility Recommendations for Class Size Reduction. [California] The California Department of Education encourages its school districts to make every effort to reduce classroom size and maintain the physical size of 960 square feet for elementary schools and 1,350... 04/30/1998
School Facility Survey. Provides the results of a facility survey of 1342 Maryland schools. Facilities were evaluated against federal, state or local guidelines in 31 areas that covered building condition, environmental... 11/05/2003
School Food and Nutrition Service Design Manual. This manual suggests strategies for identifying components for creating and developing a successful food service and nutrition facility. It focuses on the process involved in creating such facilities... 12/31/1995
School Site Size-How Many Acres Are Necessary? Summarizes CEFPI's acreage guidelines for elementary, middle and high schools; lists the acreage requirement formulas for all fifty states; and provides contact information, comments and... 08/31/2003
Schools Sharing Buildings: A Toolkit. Principles and Practices from the Chicago Public Schools. Much like office buildings that house several companies, a school building can house several autonomous schools, each with their own administration, faculty and budgets. This toolkit describes... 12/31/2002