Design -- State and Local Guidelines

Title Abstract Publication Date
Guide for Planning School Construction Projects in Minnesota. This guide summarizes changes in laws and regulations for educational facility funding options and construction project proposals; highlights some of the latest ideas in planning and designing school... 12/31/2002
Guide to School Renovation and Construction: What You Need to Know To Protect Child and Adult Environmental Health. [New York] This guide presents cautionary tips for protecting children's health during school renovation and construction projects, the New York state laws regarding school renovation and construction, and... 12/31/1999
Guidelines and Standards for the Technology Infrastructure of 21st Century Educational Facilities. [New York] New York State Regents directed that new guidelines and standards be developed for technology infrastructures in educational facilities in order to assist administrators and educators in planning... 03/31/1998
Guidelines for School Equipment Purchases. Assists Alaska school districts with purchasing equipment in compliance with state school construction statutes and the regulations which implement them. The guidelines provides direction in three... 12/31/1996
Guidelines of Best Practices for School Building Projects. Provides assistance to those building school facilities in Kentucky. Included are the regulations for the Capital Construction Process, the Kentucky Department of Education's Project Review... 12/31/2005
Guidelines of Best Practices for School Building Projects. [Kentucky] This guide addresses the most common considerations when building school facilities in Kentucky. Included are the regulations for the Capital Construction Process, the Kentucky Department of... 04/30/1995
Handbook on Planning School Facilities. [West Virginia] The state of West Virginia requires all its counties to develop a 10-year Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP), update it annually, and rewrite every 10th year. This guide addresses the... 12/31/1998
Hard Lessons: Causes and Consequences of Michigan's School Construction Boom. This provides a detailed review of how school construction decisions — whether to renovate existing buildings or build new, greenfield facilities — are made in Michigan and their effect on... 12/31/2003
Hawaii High Performance School Guidelines. Advises on planning, designing, and building a high performance school in Hawaii. Topics covered include project planning and budgeting, life-cycle cost analysis, commissioning, air conditioning,... 03/30/2005
Health/Life Safety Handbook for Public Schools in Illinois, 2nd. ed. The provides technical assistance to Illinois public school districts, regional superintendents, architects, and engineers. It is a reference manual for understanding various requirements, processes... 02/29/2004
High Performance School Design and Construction Standards: Recommendations for Vermont Public Schools. Pursuant to an act of the Vermont legislature, these recommendations were created to develop a comprehensive proposal to incorporate high performance school design and construction standards into... 01/14/2007
High School Buildings. Outlines the state's standard per student square footage for high school buildings, organized according to program area. 12/31/2005
High School Educational Specifications: Facilities Planning Standards. Offers guidelines to be used in planning and designing new, as well are remodeling and renovating existing Wyoming high schools. It describes the facility requirements to accommodate the... 01/31/2008
High School Educational Specifications: Facilities Planning Standards. [Colorado] Provides benchmarks for those who would advise planners, designers, and associated consultants on the planning and designing of high school facilities for Jefferson County in Colorado. Describes the... 12/31/1997
How a Strict Earthquake Safety Law Doesn't Apply to All Schools. Notes that California's charter and private schools do not always have to comply with the state's Field Act, which has imposed strict seismic building codes on schools since 1933. Some... 04/26/2010
How Codes become Law. Explains how building codes are written, how governing bodies incorporate them into law, where the boundaries of authority lie, and how to address perceived overreach of legislation. 08/31/2009
How the System of Codes and Standards Work. Offers eight questions with answers to help a new facilities managers understand the codes and standards that apply. These questions cover responsibilities, resources, compliance, maintenance, and... 08/31/2010
Illinois Resource Guide for Healthy, High Performing School Buildings. Provides school administrators, school boards and community members with guidance to help make informed decisions about health and energy efficiency issues important to schools. This resource guide... 01/31/2006
Impact of Technology on School Facility Design. [North Carolina] This publication offers aid for North Carolina schools in planning new and renovated facilities to accommodate technology. It is a supplement to the North Carolina Public School Facilities Guidelines... 06/30/2002
Indiana State Board of Education School Facility Guidelines. Presents the definitions, general principles, and guidelines for designing and building educationally effective and economically efficient school facilities in Indiana. Two of the topics explored are... 01/09/2002
Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for Pennsylvania Schools. Offers practical guidance to prevent IAQ problems in schools and resolve or alleviate such problems when they do arise. It describes how to implement a practical plan of action using a minimal amount... 04/30/2002
INF31 One-Stop Shop for School Facility Approval. Reviews California's current four-stop process for school facility approval, where funding eligibility, allocation, site check, and plan approval occur. There is duplication of effort, with... 12/31/2003
Integrated Management of Structural Pests in Schools. The state of Illinois is encouraging schools to better inspect and evaluate the causes of their pest infestation problems through use of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines developed by... 12/31/1993
Kansas State Department of Education School Construction Project and Plan Submittal Guide. Presents Kansas' requirements for the design, construction, and accessibility of schools, along with the attorney general's opinions clarifying the statues, a list of applicable codes, plan... 12/31/2004
Kentucky Design Manual: Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools Design Criteria. Outlines 20 design criteria to assist Kentucky school districts build and renovate efficient schools. Each design criteria includes a fact sheet providing information on how the criterion interacts... 12/31/2007