Design -- Community Colleges

Title Abstract Publication Date
'Community' College. Reviews the master plan of a new San Antonio area community college, consisting of buildings clustered around plazas and a planned combination of intentionally formal and informal spaces. Photographs... 12/31/2006
2004 Architectural Portfolio: Main Winners. Presents the three main winners in this competition: a public arts magnet school, a community college technology center, and a private elementary school. Project information and photographs are... 10/31/2004
A Design of Their Own. Argues for a new kind of built environment for community colleges, leaving behind the mundane strip mall or institutional look, and reflecting instead their importance as educators of almost half of... 10/27/2005
A Greenprint for a Healthier World. The Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) embraced a precedent-setting green policy, a greenprint for how environmental design and construction could be done. It mandates that all new... 09/30/2008
A New Approach to Community College Master Planning. Discusses the usefulness of a well-defined master plan to community colleges and explores trends in master planning that place more emphasis on issues that attract and retain students; these include... 05/31/2002
A Report on the High Cost of Construction for K-12 Schools and Community Colleges in California by an Interdisciplinary Ad-Hoc Roundtable. Presents the findings of a group of representatives from California's governmental, educational, legal, design, and construction communities recently detailing why construction costs are so high... 12/31/2006
A Science Building that Goes Easy on Energy. Profiles the Marve Nelson Science Learning Center at Washington's Green River Community College. The building features stacked labs that minimize the footprint and maximizes sharing of systems. 08/27/2008
Adaptive Reuse Roundup. Describes three adaptive reuse higher education projects: Rhode Island College created administrative space from institutional residential buildings; Pratt converted a loft building into laboratory,... 09/30/2003
All the Bells and Whistles. Describes how community colleges are increasingly building full-service facilities similar to those of four-year institutions. 07/15/2009
American Association of Community Colleges AACC is the primary advocacy organization for the nation's community colleges. The association represents almost 1,200 two-year, associate degree–granting institutions and more than 11 million...
American School & University Architectural Portfolio 2000 Awards: Main Winners. Presents photographs and basic information on architectural design, costs, and principle designers of the three main winners of the American School & University Architectural Portfolio 2000... 10/31/2000
An Overlooked Asset. Community Colleges Shine Despite the Sketchy Economy. A fragile economy forces many community colleges to confront a paradoxical challenge: accommodate surging enrollments while responding to shrinking state funding. From a design and construction... 09/30/2011
Architects Lead the Way in Community College Partnership Projects. Describes the role of architects in the growth of community colleges, through their matching through design of local partner needs and the institution's educational program. The skills that... 04/30/2006
At Home on the Community College Campus. Explains why some community colleges are offering on-campus housing, and illustrates some of the challenges and issues they faced. New challenges addressed include student health and productivity,... 09/30/2001
Bellevue Community College R Building. Describes an environmentally-friendly classroom building on the campus of Bellevue Community College in Washington that includes waterless urinals, a geothermal heating and cooling system, and other... 12/31/2001
Berkeley City College's Skylighted Quad Earns LEED Silver. Profiles this LEED Silver-certified single-building community college, built on an urban infill site. Ample daylighting and movable classroom walls are featured. 11/29/2007
Billions to Spend. How a $5.7 Billion Program to Rebuild Los Angeles Community Colleges Went Astray. A six-part series investigates how tens of millions of dollars was wasted in a Los Angeles Community College District $5.7 billion project to rebuild its nine campuses for the 21st century. 02/28/2011
Bladen Community College Facilities Master Plan. Presents this North Carolina community college's facilities master plan, with ten projects selected based on collaboration between academic departments, design professionals, and administration... 06/01/2008
Build It and They Will Come: Innovative Facilities Help Colleges Meet Academic Goals. This article describes how community colleges are discovering the connection between an innovative approach to facilities design and academic success. Case study of Lone Star College, CyFair campus... 05/31/2008
Building a Culture. Profiles Northeast Lakeview College, a San Antonio community college designed from the outset to accommodate the latest technology, to provide maximum convenience and flexibility to the faculty and... 04/27/2006
Building Blueprints: A Clear View of Technology. Describes the design of the technology center at Laney College in Oakland, California, which was renovated from a welding shop. The building, which illustrates a transparency theme, houses the... 04/30/2002
Building Blueprints: Bye-Bye, Heartburn. Explains how Sinclair Community College (Dayton) renovated and expanded its cafeteria to meet the needs of today's students, staff, and local community. Photos are included. 12/31/2000
Building Blueprints: Schools Elementary through Community College. Profiles art installations that engage students at the Beecher School and Columbus Family Academy in New Haven, Connecticut, as well as in the Norwalk Community College. 10/31/2007
Building Blueprints: The Transformation of a Traditional Library. Examines the renovation of a community college's traditional library into a combination library and technology center, including providing additional square footage, creating a new identity for... 11/30/1999
Building Virtual Classrooms. Describes how two rural community college expanded their distance learning facilities. The problems faced by the present systems, the solutions, and outsourcing where necessary are described. 02/28/2010