CPTED for Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
21st Century Security and CPTED. Presents a collection of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) writings by CPTED practitioners. These essays outline contemporary national building security codes, best practices, and... 12/31/2007
Access Denied. Recommends creating a culture of safety in schools by conducting safety surveys of schools, their grounds, and their neighborhoods, by survey teams consisting of educators from the school assisted by... 03/31/2005
Applying the CPTED Concept: Creative, Cost-Effective Design Elements Make a Safer School. Presents basic design solutions to help improve school security, focusing on bathrooms, corridors, doors, lockers, and central control rooms. 09/30/2001
Are Our Children Safe at School? Describes the three types of threats to schools: natural disasters, threats from within, and threats from without, along with the use of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) to... 10/31/2004
Are Video Cameras the Key to School Safety? Describes one high school's use of video cameras as a preventive tool in stemming theft and violent episodes within schools. The top ten design tips for preventing crime on campus are... 04/30/1998
Assessing Your Security Needs. Advises on analyzing operations, evaluating facilities, staff training, and community outreach in the light of creating safer schools. 12/31/2006
Closed Yet Open. Examines ways of adequately providing the security of middle schools while creating an environment in which students and staff feel at home. Areas covered include architectural strategies to... 01/31/2000
CPTED 101: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design - The Fundamentals for Schools. Discusses the concepts of natural surveillance, natural access control, and territoriality as a means to improve school security. Each concept is defined and presented along with basic principles of... 12/31/2009
CPTED on College Campuses: Guidelines for Implementation. Provides a definition of CPTED while discussing territory, surveillance, building forms and design, compatible building placement, fixing broken windows, and CPTED liability. Campus officials strive... 04/30/2004
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design : Applications of Architectural Design and Space Management Concepts. 2nd Edition. This book discusses modern theory and applications of CPTED including those involving public schools and recreational facilities, among other building types. The book provides a history of crime... 12/31/1999
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. Discusses the three overlapping concepts of CPTED: access control, surveillance, and territorial reinforcement 09/30/2004
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. Discusses the use of S.A.R.A. (scanning, analysis, response, assessment) in solving problems, and continues with a discussion of four principles of crime prevention through environmental design (... 12/31/2007
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. How Can It Make Your School Safer? Includes the following sections: 1) What is CPTED?; 2) Community Policing; 3) SARA Model; 4) School Safety Plans; 5) Crisis Response; and 6) Resources. 12/31/2002
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design: School CPTED Basics. The Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) concept suggests that natural surveillance, natural access control, and territoriality can be effectively applied to schools and surrounding... 12/31/1998
Dealing with Trespassers. Presents expert advice on keeping violations of school trespassing from escalating into worse violations of school safety. It discusses the use of trespass warning statements, identifying areas of... 10/31/1998
Defensive Design. Advocates using an open physical environment to improve security. Three goals of this approach are to control individual and vehicular movement, maximize visual access to unsupervised areas, and... 03/31/2006
Design Considerations Balance Sustainability, Safety Needs. Briefly addresses several issues where building security and sustainability meet in the areas of outdoor and indoor lighting, the exterior building envelope, and landscaping. 04/30/2009
Design Your Way to a Graffiti-Free Campus. Provides a variety of campus design options to discourage graffiti. These include more transparent walls, video surveillance, slowing of vehicle traffic, plantings that prevent access to blank walls... 06/30/2008
Designed for Learning -- And for Safety. Provides analyses of how school design solutions can have an impact on enhancing student learning and lessening school crime. Design issues cover site planning and building layout considerations and... 07/31/2000
Designing Against Terror: Site Security Planning and Design Criteria With the increasing threats to persons and property, from acts of terrorism, workplace violence, and street crime, the first and most important line of defense is securing the site perimeter and the... 12/31/1998
Designing For Homeland Security This paper addresses how to reduce the threats and vulnerabilities in the built environment by changing how to design and use space. Design professionals can use three basic strategies for security... 12/31/2003
Designing for Security. Discusses crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) for schools. Creating clear but controllable entrances, interior space and furnishing design, interior and exterior visibility, and... 01/31/2010
Designing for Security: Controlling Access with Barriers and Plants. Examines the use of streetscape elements, barriers, and plantings for building access control. Types of barriers and their relative costs, strengths, weaknesses, and aesthetic properties are covered... 03/31/2006
Designing on the Outside. Describes the various influences on security planning for school buildings, including social, economic, building codes, and user perceptions. Site-specific influences include building site, perimeter... 01/31/2003
Designing Out Crime in Schools. Addresses key concepts of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) for schools. Natural access control and surveillance, territorial reinforcement, implementation of CPTED in schools,... 06/30/2011