Construction Costs

Title Abstract Publication Date
The 2011 College Construction Report. Reports that higher education construction completed in 2010 totaled $11 billion, representing an increase from 2009. New construction accounted for $7.91 billion, while expansion and renovation... 01/31/2011
The 2012 College Construction Report: In With the New Reports that higher education construction completed in 2010 totaled more than $11 billion, similar to the last two years. New construction accounted for $8.1 billion, while additions and renovation... 01/31/2012
The Appraisal of Investments in Educational Facilities A collection of papers is presented that address, from a European perspective, the basic aspects of investments in physical educational facilities and important issues in the economics of education.... 12/31/1999
The Business of School Building Construction Education institutions can control cost variables by considering metal building systems. Describes numerous misconceptions concerning the use of this building material. 10/31/2011
The Charge for Change. Discusses low- or no-cost methods of achieving sustainable design, such as proper building orientation, rainwater capture, and native plantings. 09/30/2006
The Complex and Multi-Faceted Nature of School Construction Costs: Factors Affecting California. Addresses the void in understanding school construction costs by addressing the factors affecting school construction costs in California, and in what ways these factors compare nationally and in... 05/31/2008
The Construction Equation. Discusses accurate cost estimating for school construction, including adequate contingency funds, effective procurement strategies, and inclusion of funds for LEED certification. 03/31/2008
The Cost and Value of Green Buildings. Discusses average construction cost increases to achieve the various LEED certification levels. These are typically lower than owners perceive that they will be at the outset, but sustainability... 09/30/2007
The Cost of Going Green. Briefly evaluates the cost savings and payback time of energy audits, duct sealing, insulation, storm windows, tankless water heaters, compact fluorescent bulbs, water-saving toilets, ceiling fans,... 02/28/2010
The Cost of Green Revisited. Considers the cost of incorporating sustainable design features into projects, building on the work undertaken in the earlier paper Costing Green: A Comprehensive Cost Database and Budget Methodology... 06/30/2007
The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings. Presents a detailed analysis of costs and financial benefits of environmentally sensitive building design and occupancy practices. The study concludes that an upfront investment of about two percent... 09/30/2003
The DCD Educational Cost per Square Foot Analysis. Presents square foot cost construction figures for schools of various sizes in nine American metropolitan areas. 12/31/2010
The DCD Educational Square Foot Cost Guide. Summarizes Square foot cost data for 17 new and renovated educational buildings, including elementary school, middle school, high school, and university facilities. 12/31/2008
The DCD LEED Square Foot Cost Guide. Focuses on square foot cost for a variety of LEED-certified building types, including ten educational facilities. 10/31/2009
The DCD LEED Square Foot Cost Guide. Presents the square foot construction cost data for 17 LEED-certified buildings, including seven schools. 10/31/2010
The DCD Sq. Ft. Construction Guide for Educational Buildings. Provides brief size and cost statistics for 21 K-12 and 3 higher education buildings. 12/31/2006
The Development of a Model Design-build Specification Document for Educational Facilities Construction Projects. Proposes a design-build process for schools, in order to have a more efficient and cost effective plan when designing construction projects for new buildings and renovations. The first stage of the... 07/19/2005
The Effect of Project Labor Agreements on the Cost of School Construction. Investigates the impact of project labor agreements on school construction cost in New England. In contrast to prior research, which applied very leanly specified cost models to secondary data, this... 12/31/2003
The High Cost of Building a Better University. Describes the effects that aesthetic requirements, regulations, institutional needs, scheduling, and sustainability have on construction costs for higher education facilities. 04/30/2003
The Impact of Selected Variables upon School Construction Costs. The purpose of this study was to test the relationship between the per pupil cost of new school construction in West Virginia and independent variables categorized as either financial, school... 03/31/1983
The Impact of State Regulations on the Costs of Public School Construction. Spending by states and local school districts on school construction has increased dramatically over the last decade, not only because more and higher-quality schools are being built, but also... 03/31/2010
The Incremental Costs and Benefits of Green Schools in Massachusetts. This study of eight school projects revealed that total features that enhanced sustainability added from 1.83% to 5.06% to project cost, with an average of 3.19%. However, significant incentives from... 12/18/2005
The Key Role of Construction in Each State's Economy. AGC has compiled economic data which estimates the impact of $1 billion of construction spending on a state's economy. Fact sheets on each state are downloadable and include data on the economic... 12/11/2008
The Latest at Longview: 6. Maximizing Every Construction Dollar. Administrators and architects define project parameters to reduce costs at Longview Community College's, Kansas City, Missouri, liberal arts building project. Refining the project design is... 05/31/2001
The Long and the Cost of it. Examines higher education building decisions in the light of the current tight economy and payback time for improvements that reduce operating costs. The costs versus payback time of several... 05/31/2009