Community Participation in Planning

Title Abstract Publication Date
10 Principles of Authentic Community Engagement. Presents ten principles for engaging a community in the process of creating schools that embody community values and become central to the life and learning of that community. Describes how a... 12/31/2002
21st Century School Fund The 21st Century School Fund is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 to work on school facility issues nationally and locally in the District of Columbia, building the public will and capacity to...
A Community Pitches In to Repair its Schools A lack of maintenance and funding had taken a toll on Baltimore's schools. A call to the community for help yielded donations and thousands of volunteers who completed hundreds of thousands of... 10/04/2004
A Comparative Analysis of the Importance of Middle School Building Characteristics to Teachers, Principals, and Architects. This North Carolina study determined what stakeholders using middle school facilities deemed as important characteristics for educational facilities compared to the architects' perceptions. The... 04/22/1991
A Comparative Analysis of the Importance of Selected Elementary School Building Characteristics to Teachers, Principals, and Architects. Examines the perceptions of teachers, principals, and architects relative to a set of building characteristics for a new elementary school. The data suggests that each group perceives school design... 12/31/1990
A Concerned Citizen's Guide to Community School Centers. Organized as a series of responses to questions about characteristics of community school centers, how the coordinated services work, shared space, governance, financing, planning, examples of... 12/31/1977
A Fish Tale: Cabrillo High School's Aquarium Gets a New Facility. Examines how community cooperation helped to create a state-of-the-art aquarium for its high school. Discussed are building challenges and solutions, sponsorship from the state of California, and the... 11/30/1999
A Guide for School Governors: Developing School Buildings. This two-part guide presents information for United Kingdom school governors [school board members] to help them in the management and development of their educational facilities. The guide explains... 12/31/1999
A Principal's Guide to On-Site School Construction. This publication explores what school principals should know when construction takes place in or near a school while it is in session. It covers pre-construction preparation, including how to work... 12/31/2008
A Public Process for Constructive Change Describes a model intended as an example to be adapted or to stimulate the development of new approaches to planning and designing schools, which will meet the needs of teachers and learners now and... 06/30/1998
A Resource Book on Community School Centers. Presents a compendium of resources for planning community school centers which includes 1) recent literature on community school centers and interagency cooperation, reference books, catalogues,... 01/31/1979
A Small Footprint. Profiles this prototype school that was built on an infill site by virtue of its small footprint and its proximity to public facilities. The site selection, community participation, building design,... 03/31/2010
A Strong Foundation. Describes the efforts of several athletic booster clubs in raising funds for facility improvements. Organizational advice with examples of successes and failures are included. 03/31/2004
A Tale of Two Schools: The Role of the Elementary Principal in School Design. Examines the roles of the building principals assigned to the schools, their perceptions of the building design and construction process, and how their respective roles in the process are manifested... 04/30/1996
A Team Approach to Building a New School. Before you take your first step toward significantly renovating an aging facility or building a new school to meet changing student populations, be prepared with plenty of thoughtful answers.... 03/31/2003
A True Community School. Discusses how one community middle school, whose creation was the result of involvement of the town it resided in, became a lifesaving facility for many of the town's residents when disaster... 03/31/1999
A Vision for Growth. Advises on planning higher education campus expansion that will affect the surrounding community. Engaging the community at the outset, selecting the right architect, flexibility of the plan, and the... 07/31/2008
A Visioning Process for Designing Responsive Schools. This manual presents guidance for creating a constructive dialogue between school officials and the surrounding community on the design of schools that contribute to enhancing educational quality.... 12/31/2000
Advocacy and Research in Support of High-Performance School Buildings for All Children. Introduces the membership and work of the BEST collaborative, 21st Century School Fund, Knowledgeworks Foundation, and briefly discusses recent findings on the effect of school facilities on academic... 01/31/2005
Akron School Design Institute: A Report of Findings. Presents a summary of this workshop, which brought together design professionals and school and community officials, with the goal of bringing innovative thinking to the improvement of Akron's... 12/31/2005
An Alternative Strategy for Planning an Alternative School. Details the activities of uncoventional planning sessions conducted with students, parents, and teachers who were participating in the design of an educational program for a new private school... 07/31/1974
An Educational Magnet. Public Involvement Creates a Community Gem The design of a major new school is a rare event in the life of a community. In many places, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Describes how the community and educators in Westbrook, Maine took... 09/30/2011
An Evolving Mission. Discusses the new roles to serve changing populations that schools constructed for the 21st century must fulfill. Describes a collaborative facilities planning process developed by the National... 10/31/2002
Architects as Educators. Examines the selection process for an architectural firm in new school design and the importance of the firm including the philosophy of the school and its surrounding neighborhood into the design.... 10/31/1999
Architecture for Education: New School Designs from the Chicago Competition. This volume documents the work that resulted from the Chicago Public Schools Design Competition, explaining research and policies underlying the competition's criteria. The volume has three... 12/31/2002