Color Theory

Title Abstract Publication Date
15 Low-Cost Tips for School Interiors Interior designer Carla Remenschneider and architects Jeanne Jackson and Steven Shiver share their favorite low-cost techniques for brightening schools, including ideas for casework, colors,... 02/01/2012
A Room to Learn. Rethinking Classroom Environments. Based on the latest research about how children learn, this book helps teachers make their classrooms into creative spaces that facilitate teaching and learning. Geared toward showing teachers how to... 05/31/2011
A Well Designed School Environment Facilitates Brain Learning Examines how school designs can facilitate learning by offering environments that complement the way students actually learn. Discusses mechanisms for learning and ways that learning can be supported... 12/31/1999
Aesthetic Code in Early Childhood Classrooms: What Art Educators Can Learn from Reggio Emilia. This article compares the messages contained in the physical environments of early childhood classrooms in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with typical early childhood settings in Canada and the United States... 09/30/2001
Broad Brush. Colorful Strokes. Bold color and big statements can enliven a workspace on a budget. Describes the interior design for NYU-Poly. 04/30/2012
Charles W. Morey Elementary School. Profiles this Massachusetts elementary school that fits a large facility onto a tight site, and mimics the colors and textures of the surrounding residential neighborhood. 12/31/2010
Children's Emotional Associations with Colors. In this study children's emotional associations with colors were investigated. Sixty children (30 girls, 30 boys), equally divided into groups of 5-year-olds and 6 1/2-year-olds, were asked... 02/28/1994
Classroom Colors Make a Difference. Discusses the psychology of color, color recommendations for classrooms, the effect of various colors on mood and concentration, and opportunities for adjusting classroom color through furniture and... 12/31/2008
Classroom Colors. Advises functional over aesthetic color choices in school furnishings. The effect of various colors on different age groups are described, along with issues such as eye strain, wayfinding, over- and... 04/30/2005
Color and Human Response: Aspects of Light and Color Bearing on the Reactions of Living Things and the Welfare of Human Beings. Offers factual and hypothetical observations on the influence of color in life. Explores the biological, visual, emotional, aesthetic, and psychic responses to color. The discussions are supported by... 12/31/1983
Color and Light Effects on Learning. This study examined the effects of color and light on the learning of eleven six-year-old elementary school students. The students were videotaped to identify off-task behaviors and had their blood... 04/11/1995
Color and Light Effects on Students' Achievement, Behavior and Physiology. This intensive research study utilized a quasi-experimental non-equivalent control group design to investigate the effects of full-spectrum light, prescribed color and light/color combinations, ultra... 04/30/1986
Color and Light in Learning. Discusses studies showing that color and light have a significant influence on how students learn and retain information (for example, daylight is much more beneficial than fluorescent light).... 02/01/2002
Color Associations with Different Building Types: An Experimental Study on American College Students. This study examines individuals' color associations with different building types (i.e., residences, schools, official buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment buildings, restaurants... 01/31/2006
Color Concerns: It is Not Just Personal Preference. Describes the effect of light, dark, warm, and cool colors in interiors. 10/31/2004
Color in an Optimum Learning Environment. Discusses color as an important factor in the physical learning environment, and as a major element in interior design that impacts student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and staff efficiency.... 02/29/2008
Color in Education. Discusses the psychophysiological effects of colors and their appropriateness in educational settings. Color selection varies according to age group, room use and the geographical location of the... 11/30/2003
Color in Interior Design. This book is a comprehensive, illustrated guide to specifying color schemes for interiors. Coverage ranges from the basic principles of color to the effect of color on the human psyche. Pages 174-175... 12/31/1996
Color in School Libraries. The article mentions some important things to keep in mind when decorating a school library. It gives information on color, floor, and furniture. At the end of the article there is a compiled list... 07/16/2009
Color Matters This web site provides some starting points for an exploration of color, approaching it from several disciplines: physiology, psychology, philosophy, and art. An extensive section of resources lists...
Color Psychology. Do Different Colors Affect Your Mood? This page from the InfoPlease website explores whether or not color affects moods, and the conventional meanings of various colors from the perspective of Western society. Includes related links to... 12/31/2001
Color Selection--A Key Element in Learning. Experiments by psychologists have proven that modern principles of color applied to schools will greatly improve the scholastic performance of students. Colors effects on emotions are explored in... 02/29/1980
Color Sense. Discusses study results indicating the beneficial effect of classroom color and full-spectrum lighting on off-task behavior, anxiety, and improved academic performance. Study methodology, surveys of... 07/31/2009
Color Them Motivated--Color's Psychological Effect on Students. An architect interested in schools offers suggestions on how color affects student happiness and productivity. He suggests that the proper use of color in schools can convert a depressing and... 12/31/1972
Color Your World. Discusses the impact of color on a room and its occupants. The varying utilities of calming colors (greens and blues) and stimulating colors (reds and yellows) for walls, furnishings, various age... 06/30/2009