Charter School Facilities Funding

Title Abstract Publication Date
2007 Charter School Facility Finance Landscape. This provides a snapshot of the public and nonprofit financing programs for charter school facilities across the nation. The survey includes descriptions of financing products and geographic markets... 03/31/2007
2010 Charter School Facility Finance Landscape. This is an updated mapping survey of private nonprofit and public financing programs for charter school facilities across the nation, including information on charter school access to the tax-exempt... 05/31/2010
A Building Need. The lack of facilities financing leaves charter schools competing with traditional public schools on an uneven playing field. Charter school leaders often spend significant time trying to secure... 03/31/2004
A Cost Estimation Tool for Charter Schools. Assists new public charter school operators identify and estimate the range of costs and the timing of expenditures they will be obligated to cover during start-up and the early years of operation.... 09/30/2009
A Decade of Results: Charter School Loan & Operating Performance This report looks at the performance of charter school loans over the last decade. It reflects data from 15 lenders representing $1.2 billion in charter school loans over 10 years. Of these loans,... 04/30/2011
A Growing Movement: America's Largest Charter School Communities. Describes the impact of the growth of public charter schools on selected public school districts. Four major cities now have at least 30 percent of public school students enrolled in charter schools... 10/31/2010
A New Approach in Chicago. Describes Chicago's Renaissance 2010 Neighborhood Schools Program, which aims to turn around the city's most troubled elementary and high schools by creating 100 new small neighborhood... 06/30/2004
A New Life for the Franklin School: Connecting the Past to the Present. When the Franklin School was built in 1869 in the heart of Franklin Square, a vibrant area of Washington, D.C., the school was the gold standard for D.C. public schools. However, over the years, the... 12/31/2009
A Status Report on Charter Schools in New Mexico. Discusses the status of charter schools in New Mexico, including curriculum and instruction, student achievement, effects of school size, school enrollment, facilities, financial management,... 02/28/2002
ABC's of School Funding. [Qualified Public Education Facility Bonds] Qualified Public Education Facility Bonds (QPEFs) are a potential funding mechanism for both charters and public schools. QPEFs are a type of exempt facility bond created under section 422 of the... 12/31/2002
Accessing Federal Programs: A Guidebook for Charter School Operators and Developers. This guidebook provides basic information to assist charter schools in accessing the federal programs and resources available to them through the U. S. Department of Education. The programs selected... 05/31/2000
Accountability in Action: A Comprehensive Guide to Charter School Closure. When the decision has been made to close a charter school, this guide provides detailed information about procedures, case studies, a sample closure plan and checklist, and sample letters to various... 12/31/2009
Addressing the Finance Gap. Discusses the mismatch in the market between the perception and reality of charter schools' creditworthiness for financing purposes. Explores the facilities hurdle, the U.S. Department of... 03/31/2011
Annual Survey of America's Charter Schools. Summarizes the current state of charter schools, indicating that charter schools tend to be smaller in size than public schools, and also illustrating the various, and often unconventional,... 06/30/2008
Assessing the Performance of Charter Schools. This describes a tool for lenders to assess the economic and programmatic health of charter schools. This tool examines various financial and academic factors and compares them to benchmarks in order... 12/31/2002
Build It Well and the Children Will Come. Profiles the creation of the DC Prep charter school in an 1970's abandoned and run-down former District of Columbia school. In only 40 days, the window- and wall-less open classroom plan was... 12/31/2008
Builder Teams with Municipality to Provide all School Services Pembroke Pines, Florida, is to have the first municipally run open-enrollment charter school, with turnkey educational services being provided by a division of the Haskell Company, a design-build... 04/05/1998
Building a Charter School Building: Creative Financing Options. Details the experience of the Moscow Charter School (Idaho) in obtaining a facility, from its beginnings in a church basement to the creation of its own new facility. The narrative is offered as a... 12/31/2002
Building a Foundation for Success: How Authorizers Can Help Schools with the Facilities Challenge. This brief explores the ways in which authorizers can, indirectly and directly, affect a school's ability to obtain the financing necessary for a schoolhouse. Part I examines the indirect impact... 05/13/2004
Building a New Role: States and School Facilities. This report presents articles that explore the changing role of the states in addressing the nation's need to build and modernize its public schools. The article, Doling Out Facilities Aid... 05/31/2001
Building a Third Way on School Construction. Getting Past a Broken-Down Debate to Fix Broken-Down Schools. This policy report reviews the history of the six-year debate over the federal role in school construction that continues to be centered on the details for various tax credit proposals, including... 10/31/2002
Business Classes. News article on corporate sponsored public schools located at, or near, corporate work sites in Minnesota. This discusses the pros and cons of satellite schools. 04/15/1997
California Charter School Policy Update. Since the first California charter school opened in 1993, policymakers have continued to add to and adapt state policies. This update focuses on current policy issues that concern charter school... 05/31/2007
California School Finance Authority Charter School Facilities Program Provides tax-exempt, low cost financing to California school districts to assist in the repair and construction of school facilities. CSFA also administers the $400 million Charter School Facilities...
California's School Finance System: Charter School Funding. Locating and paying for facilities has proved challenging for many charter schools in California—especially start-ups. As a result, state and federal lawmakers have taken steps to ease the problem.... 12/31/2006