Case Studies--Middle Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
11th Annual Showcase of Outstanding Design and Architecture in Education. Recognizes 32 outstanding new and renovated K-12 and higher education facilities. Each entry contains photographs, a text description, and summarized project data. Architect and manufacturer indices... 05/31/2010
2004 Architectural Portfolio: Middle Schools. Presents 26 middle school projects recognized in this competition. Project information and photographs are included. 10/31/2004
2005 Architectural Portfolio: Middle Schools. Presents 13 middle school projects cited in this competition. Selection was based on security, innovation, cost-effectiveness, timelessness, community use, functionality, and sense of place. Project... 10/31/2005
2006 Architectural Portfolio: Middle Schools Profiles 21 outstanding new middle school facilities selected for their innovation, image, function, flexibility, maintainability, sustainability, security, community use, balance of aesthetics and... 10/31/2006
2006 Notable Projects: Schools. Case studies, including project description, project team, and photographs, of the following schools: Perspectives Charter School, Chicago, IL, Perkins+Will; Perth Amboy High School, Perth Amboy, NJ... 12/31/2005
2007 Architectural Portfolio: Middle Schools. Profiles 22 outstanding new middle school facilities selected for their innovation, sustainability, security, aesthetics, and life-cycle costs. Project information and photographs are included. (The... 10/31/2007
2009 Impact on Learning Awards. Profiles eight schools cited in this annual awards program. The schools were selected according to their reflection of the challenge presented, functionality, flexibility and convertability,... 07/31/2009
A Blessing in Disquise? When a tornado destroyed adjoining gymnasia at the De Soto, Missouri, junior and senior high schools, the district was able to pass a previously rejected bond issue. The rebuilt, expanded and... 03/31/2004
A Comparative Analysis of the Importance of Middle School Building Characteristics to Teachers, Principals, and Architects. This North Carolina study determined what stakeholders using middle school facilities deemed as important characteristics for educational facilities compared to the architects' perceptions. The... 04/22/1991
A High Performance School Case Study: Northern Guilford Middle School. Profiles this Greensboro, North Carolina school as an example of a commitment to promoting sustainable design. The school features a set of green strategies that include: 1) a holistic water cycle... 12/31/2006
A New Daylighting Strategy for a Middle School in North Carolina. Investigates the findings of daylighting studies being conducted at the Northern Guilford Middle School in Greensboro, North Carolina. This daylighting design at this school utilizes a unique curved... 12/31/2006
A Sustainable and Holistic Approach to Design and Construction. Uses the North Carolina's Northern Guilford Middle School as an example of a high performance school that uses 43% less energy than a school of comparable size. Daylighting, solar hot water,... 04/30/2010
Academic Achievement: A school expansion in our nation's capitol introduces a wetland to a dense urban site. Profiles Washington D.C.'s Sidwell Friends Middle School, a LEED Platinum-certified facility featuring onsite wastewater management, a wetland, extensive use of natural and recycled materials,... 06/30/2007
Academic and Health Center, Hillside School. Profiles this Massachusetts private school facility that includes classrooms, an infirmary, an apartment for the on-call nurse, a fitness center, and multipurpose/wrestling room. Building statistics... 10/31/2008
Academic Village. Presents design features of the Renner Middle School (Plano, Texas) where the sprawling suburbs have been kept at bay while creating the atmosphere of an academic village. Photos and a floor plan are... 12/31/2000
Alpine Prototype Middle Schools [Utah] Description, images, plans, and reviews of a prototype design for middle schools in Alpine/Lehi, Utah. The design by VCBO Architects was a winning project of the 2006 DesignShare Awards program. 12/31/2005
An Educational Magnet. Public Involvement Creates a Community Gem The design of a major new school is a rare event in the life of a community. In many places, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Describes how the community and educators in Westbrook, Maine took... 09/30/2011
Ann Richards Middle School, La Joya, Texas. Honoring la Joya's Mexican culture, Kell Muñoz Architects creates an oasis of color in a hot bleached landscape. The heart of the school is a large open plaza, similar to those in the small... 02/28/2003
Ann Richards Middle School. Presents photos and basic information about a Texas middle school whose architecture reflects the hybrid culture of the borderlands and regionalism in which it is located. A line drawing of the site... 08/31/2001
Art Forms. This article includes a description, photographs, and floor plans of the Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource (FAIR) Arts Middle School in Crystal, Minnesota, winner of a 2001 AIA Minnesota Honor... 03/01/2002
At Home, Abroad. Profiles an American school in Germany that required the cooperation of a German and American architect. Interior details include photo-sensor controlled blinds, radiant floors, natural ventilation,... 12/31/2008
Building Community: A Post-Occupancy Look at the Maryvale Mall Adaptive Reuse Project. Describes the conversion of Phoenix's vacant 1950's-era Maryvale Mall into an elementary and middle school. The project yielded a construction cost of $65 per square foot, and the new... 01/31/2006
Building Types Study: K-12 Schools In-depth analyses of fifteen K-12 school buildings, with photos, drawings, specifications, descriptions and design solutions. Includes Evelyn Grace Academy, Zaha Hadid Architects London, United... 12/31/2011
Camino Nuevo Charter Academy Middle School, Los Angeles, California. Describes the title school building, a middle school housed in an 8,500-square-foot, one-story former warehouse and an adjacent 10,500-square-foot, three-story former office building. Building... 02/28/2003
Camino Nuevo Middle School, Los Angeles, California. Presents a post-occupancy evaluation of this charter school created within an adapted industrial building in a blighted neighborhood. The avant-garde building houses public services and features ten... 03/31/2006