Case Studies--Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Ravenswood School for Girls / BVN Description and photos of the Mabel Fidler Building at Ravenswood School for Girls in Alabama. The building aims to bring together both passive and active design solutions to sustainability and allow... 04/27/2012
Rebuilding It Better: Greensburg, Kansas. Profiles the rebuilding of this city after near total destruction by a tornado. While the entire town was re-planned around sustainable principles, the new LEED Platinum K-12 school is the flagship... 12/31/2010
Riverbend Elementary School. Profiles this large K-8 school that is organized into small grade-level clusters around a central courtyard. The buildings reflect the local agricultural vernacular style and the roofs support a... 08/31/2009
Rogers IB Environmental Magnet School. Profiles this Connecticut environmental magnet school that transformed a former brownfield into a LEED Silver facility. 12/31/2010
Rosa Parks School, Portland, Oregon. Profiles this elementary school that shares a campus with a Boys & Girls Club and a Community Center. The sustainably designed walk-in school anticipates a LEED Gold certification. Building... 06/30/2007
Ross School, Ross, California. Describes the title school building by EHDD Architecture, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on the architects, manufacturers/suppliers, and construction team; a... 02/28/2003
Roy Lee Walker Elementary: A High Performance Sustainable School Prototype. [Videotape]. This 7.5-minute videotape describes the architectural design and structure of the Roy Lee Walker Elementary School, illustrating why the school is considered the most energy efficient and... 11/06/2000
S is for Sustainability. Profiles Toronto's Thomas L. Wells Public School, including budget increases for green alternatives that would eventually pay for themselves, daylighting techniques, and a unique ventilation... 10/31/2006
School for The Millenium: New Suburban Seattle Elementary School Features Many Green Elements, Illustrates Green Building Challenges Millenium Elementary School in suburban Seattle features a geothermal heating/cooling system, stormwater reuse, solar-energy panels, a small wind turbine, waterless urinals and assorted other... 11/29/2000
School of Environmental Studies (Zoo School), Apple Valley, MN. Briefly profiles this alternative high school, the result of a partnership between the Minnesota Zoological Gardens and the City of Apple Valley. The environmental science focus of the curriculum is... 12/31/2005
School Pilot Project Could Affect County Stormwater Rules. Describes the stomwater retention scheme at the Finn Hill Junior High School in Kirkland, Washington. Concerns from the county were addressed in this pilot project, which will likely lead to a... 07/21/2010
Schools and Kindergartens: A Design Manual. Illustrates the specialized field of school design with over 70 case studies from Europe, North America and the Pacific Region. The design of schools according to varying educational theories is... 12/31/2006
Schools for the Future. Design of Sustainable Schools. Case Studies. These twelve case studies of primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom provide schools and design teams with real-world examples of places that have addressed sustainability challenges. The... 08/31/2006
Schools Seek Formula for High Performance. Discusses the benefits to education and community of better ventilation, acoustics, sustainable design, and energy savings. Building features from Missouri's Hazelwood School District are... 08/31/2005
See It, Believe It, Build It--With Confidence. Modeling Assures Better Daylighting Results. When architects were asked to design a new multipurpose building at Marin Country Day School in Corte Madera, California, they evaluated possible design options by building a daylighting model.... 12/31/1998
Sense & Sustainability. Describes Richmond, Virginia's Greenwood Elementary School, which boasts a lengthy list of sustainable features. Extra funding needed for sustainable specialty items was obtained by using... 12/31/2004
Sensitive Issues. Case study of Roy Lee Walker Elementary in McKinney, Texas, one of the country's most environmentally-friendly schools. The sustainable features of the school are described. 02/28/2002
Sidwell Friends Middle School. Profiles this Washington, DC, school that features a reconstructed wetland that treats wastewater, passive solar heating, daylighting, and recycled building content. 12/31/2006
Smart Design. Describes Lakes Community High School of Lake Village, Illinois, and Hassan Elementary School of Rogers, Minnesota. These two high performance, community use schools feature energy efficiency,... 04/30/2006
Solhuset Climate-Friendly Nursery A net-positive energy child-care center in Hoarsholm, Denmark sets a new standard for high-performance and healthy indoor air quality. The inspiration behind the nursery's layout is that of a... 02/29/2012
Sports Facilities, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Highlights a new K-12 school gymnasium in Mexico that changes and reacts to weather conditions, requires no air conditioning, and, on typical days, uses sunlight filtering through its ample... 05/31/2001
Standout Student. Profiles Chicago's Tarkington School of Excellence, a LEED-certified K-8 facility built on a site acquired from the Chicago Park District. Green design features are detailed, and a list of... 12/31/2007
State-of-the-Art High School Gets an A+. Profiles Northland Pines High School in Eagle River, Wisconsin. The school is the first LEED certified school in the state, and the first LEED Gold certified public high school in the United States.... 10/31/2007
Stellar Student: Energy Lab at Hawaii Preparatory Academy. Takes advantage of near-perfect conditions to create a net-zero, fully climate-responsive building. The article describes successful planning and implementation of a wide array of opportunities. 04/30/2011
Stoddert Elementary School Campus Modernization. Provides plans, renderings, and photographs for this District of Columbia school renovation and addition. Sustainable design features are enumerated with a LEED scoresheet. 01/26/2010