Case Studies--Green Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Hawaii Preparatory Energy Lab. Profiles this net-zero energy use high school science lab. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details, a floor plan, and photographs are included. 04/30/2011
Head of the Class for No GHG-School. Profiles the building and HVAC design of Quebec's Ecole du Tournant, which emits no greenhouse gasses and uses 80% less energy than a typical school built according to the standard energy code.... 04/30/2006
Healthy High Performance Schools. Examines the success of EPA's Healthy High Performance Schools standards and guidelines at Westwood Elementary School, Elk River (Minnesota) School District. This LEED-certified school's... 06/30/2008
High Marks. Profiles the a new classroom and library facility at Marin Country Day School. Construction of the LEED Platinum building emphasized building within the existing campus footprint, restoration of a... 04/30/2011
High Performance Design Files. Profiles five significant examples of high performance schools in California, along with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools' (CHPS) Design Criteria, which were used to evaluate them... 12/31/2006
High Performance Environment for the Future. Profiles the high performance feature's of Denver's Valor Christian High School, which was designed and built in only 21 months. 12/31/2007
High Performance School Buildings Video. Designed to increase the awareness of the many benefits of high performance, sustainable schools and to help convince school boards and school decision makers to build sustainably, this 30-minute... 12/31/2004
High Performance Schools. Discusses the benefits of high performance schools to learning, cost saving, environmental impact, property values, and parental support. Examples from Clackamas, Oregon, and Middleton, Idaho, are... 12/31/2004
High Performance Schools: The New Jewels of Los Angeles. Profiles recently built Los Angeles schools, highlighting the considerable effort that went into making them high performance green facilities. 12/31/2005
High Performance Sustainable School Design: Roy Lee Walker Elementary, McKinney, Texas. This document describes the sustainable features of the Roy Lee Walker Elementary School (Texas), a prototype Eco Education school that blends the physical environment with the student learning... 12/31/2000
High Performance, Healthy Schools USGBC-GA's High Performance, Healthy Schools Program helps Georgia school systems and private schools implement sustainability programs into their schools. This video shows the work that is... 11/06/2011
High School Renovation Project Takes Green Approach. Describes a variety of sustainability features of additions to San Diego's Chula Vista High School. The LEED Gold facility uses 30 percent less energy and 40 percent less water than a... 12/31/2010
High-Performance Schools: Affordable Green Design for K-12 Schools. Describes high performance schools from each of the nine climate zones associated with the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Energy Design Guidelines for High Performance Schools. The nine case studies... 07/31/2004
Homer Science & Student Life Center. Describes a parochial school's spiritual motivations for implementing environmentally friendly components to new construction and renovations. 12/31/2009
Homewood Middle School. Profiles this Alabama school that maximizes prevailing winds, is 95% daylit, and uses 35% less energy than a code-compliant school of similar size. Building statistics, a list of the project... 10/31/2006
Honorable Mention Awards 2009: Excellence through Adaptation. Briefly profiles six school facilities and their respective design firms, cited in the 2009 Learning by Design competition as being flexible and student oriented, as well as containing significant... 12/31/2008
IEA ECBCS Annex 36: Retrofitting of Educational Buildings. Case Studies. Ten participating countries provide case studies that give an overview on the energy-efficient retrofits of specific educational buildings. Each case study includes a project summary, site...
Impact on Learning Awards. Profiles seven schools selected for recognition in this competition. The entries were honored for their solution to of design challenges, emphasis on functionality, flexibility, innovation, and... 07/31/2010
Improving Performance. Energy Modeling for Facilities Reaps Significant Savings Examines how school districts can reap benefits if they include energy modeling in their efforts for new and renovated buildings. As energy costs continue to rise, the ability to predict and correct... 11/30/2011
Is This the School of the Future? The leaders behind Philadelphia and Microsoft's grand experiment in education want to create the definitive 21st-century learning laboratory. This discusses the project, and includes a sidebar... 01/31/2006
IslandWood. Earth-Smart Design. Operating from sustainably designed facilities on a 255-acre campus, IslandWood serves as a model for energy conservation and community living. It participates in energy conservation, composting,... 12/31/2005
It's Easy Being Green Once You Know How. Outlines four essential concepts for integrating green schools and environmental education. These are standards-based integrated environmental learning, green practices and green school facilities, a... 11/30/2008
It's Easy Being Green. Case study of the Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio, Texas, the state's first major high school facility to incorporate environmental planning, low-maintenance sustainable architecture,... 04/30/2001
Jackson LEED School Tour. Illustrates the challenge of LEED-certified construction in the face of extreme cold. Davy Jackson Elementary School, Jackson, Wyoming, is a K-2 school that aims to conserve heat loss. While upgraded... 03/31/2009
James C. Enochs High School. Profiles this 2,500-student Modesto, California high school that exceeds energy efficiency requirements by 17%. Daylighting, sun shading, and an innovative HVAC system are cited, and the open layout... 04/30/2008