Case Studies--Elementary Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Rio Del Norte School, Oxnard, California. The first new school built locally in over 35 years, Rio Del Norte School realized that critical to their success was the inclusion of the community in the planning process. Classrooms have been... 01/31/2002
Riverbend Elementary School-a Model for Energy Self-Reliance. Details the design and installation this school's rooftop photovoltaic system that generates more than 45 percent of the campus' annual energy needs, along with daylighting and water... 08/31/2009
Riverbend Elementary School. Profiles this large K-8 school that is organized into small grade-level clusters around a central courtyard. The buildings reflect the local agricultural vernacular style and the roofs support a... 08/31/2009
Rodeo Hills Elementary School, John Swett Unified School District. Profiles this California elementary school that provides abundant daylight into classrooms that are not square. 06/30/2005
Rogers IB Environmental Magnet School. Profiles this Connecticut environmental magnet school that transformed a former brownfield into a LEED Silver facility. 12/31/2010
Rosa Parks Elementary School (Berkeley, California) Explores the Rosa Parks Elementary School in Berkeley, California that is remarkable both for its design and the impact on the community. Describes the extensive community participation process in... 03/31/2001
Rosa Parks Elementary School (Berkeley, California) Profiles this Berkeley school, a community facility that replaces a traditional school destroyed in the 1989 earthquake.
Rosa Parks Elementary School (Corona, California) Profiles this Corona, California school built in advance of the housing developments that are planned for the area. Thoughtfully designed vehicular areas create ease of access and supervision, and... 10/31/2007
Rosa Parks Elementary School, Redmond, Washington. Profiles this new elementary designed with community participation. The lodge-like building that emulates the local environment, accommodates community use, and hosts small learning environments.... 06/30/2007
Rosa Parks School, Portland, Oregon. Profiles this elementary school that shares a campus with a Boys & Girls Club and a Community Center. The sustainably designed walk-in school anticipates a LEED Gold certification. Building... 06/30/2007
S is for Sustainability. Profiles Toronto's Thomas L. Wells Public School, including budget increases for green alternatives that would eventually pay for themselves, daylighting techniques, and a unique ventilation... 10/31/2006
School Addition to Benefit Deaf-Blind and Autistic Students. Profiles a Keneyville, Illinois, elementary school and its accommodations for special students. The school features a variety of patterns and textures to assist wayfinding, sound- dampening... 01/22/2009
School as a Teaching Tool: Hawkins Elementary School in Toledo, Ohio. Describes learning opportunities from new school's environmentally friendly practices and alternative energy systems. 05/31/2009
School for The Millenium: New Suburban Seattle Elementary School Features Many Green Elements, Illustrates Green Building Challenges Millenium Elementary School in suburban Seattle features a geothermal heating/cooling system, stormwater reuse, solar-energy panels, a small wind turbine, waterless urinals and assorted other... 11/29/2000
School of Thought Examines the spacesaver architectural design of the International Elementary School (Long Beach, California) that was built with concern for security, saving money, and not being too complicated. The... 06/30/1999
School Pride. Discusses a south-Minneapolis (Minnesota) community's investment in a K-5 school design that has become a neighborhood landmark. Photos and a floor plan are included. 12/31/2000
Schools and Kindergartens: A Design Manual. Illustrates the specialized field of school design with over 70 case studies from Europe, North America and the Pacific Region. The design of schools according to varying educational theories is... 12/31/2006
Schools as Communities. Shows how architecture can transform learning while bringing students and faculty together in communal buildings. Examples include the School of Architecture at City College in New York; Hawthorne... 03/31/2012
Schools at a Crossing: DC Public Schools Revitalized. Describes renovations planned for four District of Columbia Schools, where the average school building age is 65 years. 03/31/2004
Schools Good for Children? Challenges the notion that conventional school buildings naturally create a quality learning atmosphere and reviews India's nurturing Gurukul School. 12/31/2004
Science Center School [Los Angeles, CA]. Describes this special school featuring an integrated curriculum emphasizing science, mathematics and the use of technology, but remaining a neighborhood school for underserved groups of children and... 12/31/2005
Science Center School, Los Angeles. Profiles this unusual science and math magnet school in Los Angeles, designed by Thom Mayne of Morphosis. The charter elementary school has joined up with the California Science Center's... 04/30/2006
Sense & Sustainability. Describes Richmond, Virginia's Greenwood Elementary School, which boasts a lengthy list of sustainable features. Extra funding needed for sustainable specialty items was obtained by using... 12/31/2004
Sensitive Issues. Case study of Roy Lee Walker Elementary in McKinney, Texas, one of the country's most environmentally-friendly schools. The sustainable features of the school are described. 02/28/2002
Shared Resources. Profiles Dallas's new Arcadia Park Elementary, which hosts a branch of the city library. In order to build a separate cafeteria and auditorium, the budget for interior finishes was reduced.... 12/31/2006