Case Studies--Elementary Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Marble Fairbanks Architects. Chicago Public School. Looks at the design features of a 120,000 square foot Chicago elementary urban school that accommodates 900 students, 25 percent of whom are disabled. The school is based on a small school design... 12/31/2001
Marriott Hall, St. Alban's School. Profiles this modern building set in an historic private school campus, which sought to restore as much as possible the feeling of the original landscape intent. Photographs, plans, and a list of... 03/31/2010
Martin Van Buren Elementary School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Describes the title building, including educational context and design goals. Includes a general description; information on the architect, construction team, and manufacturers and suppliers; and a... 12/31/2002
McWillie School - Jackson, Mississippi. Presents the planning team report for this school, including a project description, workshop and interview methodology and findings, and the recommended facility program. Numerous plans and tables... 04/05/2000
Medina School Celebrates Cycles of Nature, Learning. Profiles the St. Thomas School in Medina, Washington. The LEED Gold private K-6 school features areas where boundaries between learning and play do not exist at the early grades. The school is daylit... 08/19/2009
Mendenhall Elementary School Does a Great Deal with Very Little. Profiles this Mississippi school that won a regional architectural award for its quality design produced on a very small budget. 05/28/2009
Monroe Elementary School. Profiles this third school built from a prototype, designed for expandability and accommodation of portables. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details, floor plans, and... 12/31/2007
Multipurpose Rooms. Profiles the flexible space at J. Lyndal Hughes Elementary School in Justin, Texas. The reconfigurable cafeteria/auditorium/athletic space can also be opened to adjacent classrooms. The project was... 07/31/2008
Museum, School District Collaborate To Build An Unusual Hybrid. In South Central Los Angeles, a partnership between the district and a state-owned science museum will result in a neighborhood elementary school with a math- and science-focused curriculum and as a... 02/01/2004
Nature's Obstacles Force Fresh Thinking in Everett. Profiles the Forest View Elementary School in Everett, Washington, which required the rejection of the district's prototype in favor of a more compact, two-story design that would fit on the... 08/27/2008
Neighborhood Lost and Found. Describes the building design of the J. J. Jake Pickle Elementary/St. John Community Center in Austin, Texas, including the educational context, design goals, and architects and contractor. Discusses... 04/30/2002
New Fulton Elementary School. Profiles this LEED Silver community school. Sustainability features are described, as is community use of the gymnasium and multi-purpose room. Building statistics, a list of the project participants... 02/28/2011
New Kindergarten Architecture A comprehensive design section sets out the parameters and technical considerations in kindergarten design as well as introducing components and functional considerations. Case studies of 26... 11/30/2011
New Primary Center Features Bold Design and Smart Materials for New Community-Based School Concept in Los Angeles. Profiles this new Los Angeles community school designed as a collection of geometric shapes around a courtyard, using bold design and materials. The courtyard serves as a school and community... 02/28/2007
Newport Coast Elementary School, Newport Beach, California. Describes the building of the elementary school named in the title--winner of an energy efficiency design award--including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on the... 02/28/2002
Nicasio School. Profiles this small California K-8 school that features classrooms that host two grades each, community-use facilities, and preservation of the 1871 schoolhouse on the site. 10/31/2005
Nintendo Generation Gives it a Green Thumbs Up. Profiles Vacaville, California's Fairmont Elementary School. The highly energy-efficient school exceeds government standards by 30 percent, featuring natural lighting, displacement ventilation,... 08/31/2009
Nueva School Hillside Learning Complex. Profiles this Hillsborough, California, K-8 school. The independent learning facility features strong connection to the site and environment, with buildings carefully arranged on the site and... 06/30/2010
One of a Kind. Describes the K-8 Nellie Stone Johnson School in Minneapolis. The K-5 and 6-8 classrooms are housed separate three-story towers. The building design affords excellent security, abundant daylighting... 12/31/2003
One of the One Thousand Points of Light Guides Development of Laura Rodriguez Elementary School. Profiles this San Diego K-5 school that recovered a blighted urban site. Coordinating the building of seven structures on a 6.5-acre site is emphasized. 07/31/2008
Open Plan School in Portugal: Failure or Innovation? Offers a brief history of the rise and fall of the open plan school design, along with its advantages and its adoption in Portugal. The case of Portugal's Escola da Ponte, a successful open plan... 12/31/2007
Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School. Describes this three-story new Boston K-8 facility that moves students up through the building as they get older. The structure now symbolizes the re-energized community. Building statistics and... 02/29/2004
Oslo International School. Profiles this private school, a group of modular structures organized on one level that give easy orientation, good natural lighting, and a close contact to the outdoors. The modular structure is... 06/30/2010
Oso Grande Elementary School. Profiles this Ladera Ranch, California, elementary school that is the eighth construction of a prototype. The plan was modified to reflect the style of the surrounding community and to accommodate... 02/28/2006
Ouca Crèche and Elementary School. Profiles this Portuguese early learning through elementary facility, designed as a series of pavilions in the shape of a house, surrounded by courtyards, balconies, and establishing a relation of... 06/30/2010