Case Studies--Elementary Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Kindergartens, Schools and Playgrounds. Presents an international collection of recently built school facilities selected for their successful learning environments, promotion of togetherness and the exchange of ideas, and community use.... 12/31/2006
King/Robinson Magnet School. Describes this new Connecticut school featuring connection to the natural landscape, a variety of flexible spaces and courtyards, and ample daylighting. Building statistics, a listing of the design... 11/30/2005
LA Color School. Case study of the Dena Primary Center, a pre-Kindergarten through 2 school in a densely populated neighborhood of East Los Angeles. Within 25,000 square feet, the architects have arranged two... 10/17/2006
La Mesa Elementary School. Describes an Albuquerque elementary school situated in an immigrant and Native American neighborhood. The school's plaza serves as a community gathering place. Includes building statistics and... 02/29/2004
Learning Curve. How Museum Design Taught a New Elementary School. Describes the design of Summit Elementary School in Casper, Wyoming that was influenced by approaches that are central to the best museum design practices: immersive environments, an array of... 04/30/2011
Learning Environments Designed for the Occupants: Three Case Studies of Innovative Elementary School Design. This research project examined how educational facilities are perceived and used by the occupants. It sought to inform the design of effective learning environments in elementary schools through a... 12/31/2001
Learning Spaces. Addresses cultural sensitivities of green design in Riverside School (Gujurat, Ahmedabab, India), where school must accommodate extreme heat and local customs such as closer physical contact. 01/31/2008
Let the Sun Shine in. Profiles Virginia's Manassas Park Elementary School, citing daylighting, rainwater collection, natural ventilation, and décor featuring natural motifs. 02/28/2010
Like a Good Neighbor. Describes Liberty Middle School of Fairfax County, Virginia, which overcame neighborhood opposition by retaining generous tree buffers and emulating the one- to two-storey scale of the surrounding... 12/31/2004
Lois E. Borchardt Elementary School. Profiles this California school built on a hardship budget. Tilt-up construction yielded an economical solution that included generous windows to help daylight the interior. 04/30/2007
Long Beach International Elementary School, Long Beach, California. This 34-classroom school by Thomas Blurock Architects sits on a former parking lot in downtown Long Beach. The constraints of the small site and the educational program challenged traditional notions... 01/31/2001
Look, Mom! No Chairs! Case study of Elton Hill Elementary School in Rochester, Minnesota, where students are encouraged to stretch, stand, kneel in a chairless classroom outfitted with laptops, video iPods, personalized... 07/31/2006
Magnet and Specialized Schools of the Future: A Focus on Change. Offers guidance on construction of a new building, addition, or renovation of a magnet or charter school. Twelve exemplary projects are described, followed by guidance on funding, finding a home for... 12/31/2004
Main Winners. Profiles the five main winners in this competition, chosen for their adherence to the stated goal of the facility, their ability to enhance learning, functionality, and sustainability. Project... 10/31/2009
Main Winners. Profiles the two main winners in American School and University Magazine's Educational Interiors Showcase. The Bronx Early Learning Center and Belmont University's Troutt Theatre were... 07/31/2008
Main Winners. Profiles the three main winners in this competition, selected for their contribution to the educational program, adaptability, design, technology accommodation, sustainability, and maintainability.... 10/31/2008
Main Winners. Presents the two main winners of the American School & University 2006 Educational Interiors Showcase. The K-8 Eagle Creek Academy and University of Alabama Student Recreation Center excelled in... 07/31/2006
Manassas Park Elementary School + Pre-K Description of the environmental aspects of Manassas Park Elementary School + Pre-K in Manassas Park, Virginia, winner in the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment Top Ten... 04/18/2010
Manassas Park Elementary School and Pre-K Case study of Manassas Park, Virginia elementary school campus. A new 10,500 gsf Pre-Kindergarten serves 70 students, including special-needs individuals. The 121,200 gsf Upper School houses up to... 12/31/2010
Manassas Park Elementary School and Prekindergarten. Profiles this exemplary LEED Gold school, providing detail on the construction cost, bioclimatic design, daylighting, energy-efficient envelope, ground-source HVAC system, rainwater collection, and... 09/30/2010
Manassas Park Elementary School Landscape Describes Manassas Park Elementary in Manassas Park, Virginia, an ASLA Honor Award winning project. Includes a site plan, project statement, project narrative, site description and design, and the... 12/31/2010
Manassas Park Elementary School. This video tour of the new Manassas Park Elementary School details the facility's abundant sustainable features. The lead architect on the project details the rainwater harvesting system,... 12/31/2009
Manoa Elementary School. Profiles this Pennsylvania school that was built up to three stories due to the small site available. The compact construction maximized the amount of athletic space available to the school and... 06/30/2009
Manuel Esqueda Elementary School. Profiles this California elementary school designed to accommodate an anticipated addition that will provide rooftop parking. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details,... 04/30/2007
Manuel Pena, Jr. Elementary School. Describes this four-building K-6 campus in Phoenix, Arizona, where color-coded buildings house particular grade groupings, and are joined by canopied walks, all creating an interplay of light, color... 02/28/2005