Case Studies--Elementary Schools

Title Abstract Publication Date
Elementary School Projects. Describes the award-winning designs of several elementary schools, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on the designers and construction costs. Also includes the... 12/31/2002
Elementary Schools. Profiles 26 outstanding elementary schools awarded in this competition, chosen for their adherence to the stated goal of the facility, their ability to enhance learning, functionality, and... 10/31/2009
Elementary Schools. Describes the building designs of 22 elementary schools, including their educational contexts and design goals. Includes information on size, construction costs, architects, and contractors. Also... 12/31/2001
Elementary Schools. Profiles 21 elementary school facilities honored for functionality, frugality, design features and balance, ability to inspire learning, and flexibility. Photographs, building statistics, and a list... 10/31/2010
Elementary Schools. Profiles 32 outstanding new or renovated elementary schools, selected for their contribution to the educational program, adaptability, design, technology accommodation, sustainability, and... 10/31/2008
Enadia Way Elementary School Reopening. Profiles this 1950's California school that had deteriorated during four years of vacancy, but was reopened after thoughtful renovation and new landscaping. Building statistics, a list of the... 06/30/2009
Energetic Dialogue. Describes Oakland's Cesar Chavez Education Center, focusing on its extensive sustainable design features. The challenging site necessitated special acoustical treatments to mitigate noise from... 04/30/2004
Field of Vision. Profiles Kirkland, Washington's Benjamin Franklin Elementary School. The daylit building operates without mechanical ventilation and is visually and spiritually connected to an adjacent stand of... 12/31/2006
Financing Energy Efficiency Projects. Introduces energy performance contracts and the corresponding benefits of using tax-exempt lease-purchase agreements as the underlying financing vehicle for energy efficiency improvements in... 01/31/2003
Fleming Elementary School, Freeport, Texas. Describes the building design of the elementary school named in the title, including the educational context and design goals. Includes information on the architects, manufacturers/suppliers, and... 04/30/2002
Four Corners School, Portland, Oregon Profiles this elementary school for special needs students, created within a former racquetball club. Former courts were converted into classrooms by inserting a floor at mid-level. Building... 06/30/2007
Four Fantastic Floor Plans for Elementary Schools. Examines four elementary school floor plans designed for efficient and flexible delivery of educational programs while limiting operational problems. Plans examined are the cluster approach, the... 03/31/1998
Fowler Elementary School. Describes this Colorado school, which borrowed design details from the town's historic depot and from the two 100-year old schools that it replaced. Building statistics, a listing of the design... 02/29/2004
Friends School. Profiles the conversion of a former factory into San Francisco's Friends School, addressing the organization of the building, seismic retrofitting, preservation of certain detailing, and... 09/30/2009
Gold, Silver, and Bronze Citations. Profiles 17 gold, silver, and bronze citation winners in the 2009 American School and University Magazine Education Interiors Showcase. The projects were chosen for their ability to integrate current... 07/31/2009
Good Neighbors. Describes the award-winning building design of Goodview Elementary School in Bedford County, Virginia, including the educational context, design goals, and architects and contractor. Also provides... 12/31/2001
Grand Prairie Elementary School Addition, Frankfort, Illinois. Profiles this elementary school that maintains a full-sized gymn with separate entrance for community use. Building statistics, a list of the project participants, cost details, a floor plan, and... 04/30/2003
Grand Prize Award Pre-K to 12. Profiles Portland's Rosa Parks School, a K-6 school selected for its division into small learning neighborhoods and outstanding attention to the environment. 12/31/2007
Great Schools by Design: Rosa Parks School. (Portland, Oregon) Profiles the Rosa Parks Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. The school serves a disadvantaged population in a high performance facility that also hosts community services. 11/11/2008
Great Seneca Creek Elementary School. Profiles this LEED Gold-rated school in Maryland, which serves as a green prototype for its system. Notable building features and ways in which the school engages occupants in environmental awareness... 10/31/2007
Green Design and Construction. Profiles River Crest Elementary School in Wisconsin's Hudson School District. The LEED-Gold certified school was built at a square foot cost about 25 percent less than similar schools in the... 03/31/2011
Green Design Powers New Elementary School. Profiles California's Monterey Ridge Elementary School, which receives 50-60% of its electricity from a photovoltaic array on an adjacent hillside. The facility also features automated lighting... 06/30/2007
Green Features of Chartwell School. Documents construction design and plans for first LEED-certified “platinum” rating at Chartwell School, Seaside, California. The emphasis on maximum use of daylight results in a 50% decrease in... 01/31/2008
Green Scene: Students Appreciate Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Building Design. Reviews the innovative Roy Lee Walker Elementary School and how the sustainable building surrounds the students with environmental education. 08/31/2004
Hawthorne Elementary School. Profiles this 600-student school on an historic site in Riverside, California. Deference to the neighborhood and historic setting is emphasized in the use of the site and building design. 06/30/2008