Building Commissioning

Title Abstract Publication Date
A 2-Party Commissioning Approach for the University of California, Merced. Describes a cost-saving 2-party approach employed to commission buildings at the University of California, Merced, where the budget did not support third-party commissioning.. This approach used the... 04/30/2003
A Practical Guide for Commissioning Existing Buildings. This guide covers the benefits and how-to's of retrocommissioning projects. Includes commissioning terminology, preparing for a retrocommissioning project, getting started, roles and... 03/31/1999
Best Practices Manual Volume V: Commissioning. Provides information on commissioning high performance schools, a critical step in ensuring that the technologies and high performance elements are actually built and tested to meet specifications.... 12/31/2005
Building & Renovating Schools: Design, Construction Management, Cost Control. Covers the building and renovating process from initial planning, needs assessment and design through move-in. The “Planning and Design” section features guidelines for developing planning documents... 12/31/2003
Building Commissioning Association The Building Commissioning Association (BCA) promotes building commissioning practices that maintain high professional standards, and fulfill building owners' expectations. This site includes...
Building Commissioning Attributes. Discusses the purpose, essential attributes, and valuable elements of building commissioning. 01/31/2000
Building Commissioning [Whole Building Design Guide] Building Commissioning is a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying, and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria. This... 05/31/2010
Building Commissioning: An Overview. Describes the process, costs, and provider qualifications for building commissioning in new and existing buildings. 12/31/2003
California Commissioning Collaborative Provides building commissioning resources for owners and commissioning consultants, including sample documents, several school case studies, advice on selecting a provider, and a searchable library...
Case Study: Commissioning of a New 450,000 sf Biomedical Laboratory Research Building at Yale School of Medicine. Reviews the benefits of, and lessons learned from, the commissioning process for Yale University's Congress Avenue Building. Topics addressed include: testing and verification techniques for... 04/30/2003
Case Study: Commissioning--Commissioning Skeptic Now Believes. Relates a situation where the Hillsboro School District (Oregon) spent considerable effort to rectify problems with uncommissioned school buildings. Then, when later using renovation grant money that... 10/31/2005
Case Study: Retro-Commissioning--Silver Falls School District Gets What It Paid for. Describes a commissioning project for an underperforming new HVAC system. The process identified 72 discrepancies in the installation and operation of the system, made necessary repairs and... 12/31/2003
Commissioning This article defines commissioning, then describes the reasons and benefits of building commissioning. The challenges of getting schools to buy in to commissioning are discussed. 02/28/2002
Commissioning Enhances Building Efficiency, Economy, and Sustainability. Describes the process of building commissioning for schools and the benefits to maintenance and environmental quality that acrue where systems have been commissioned. Careful selection of consultants... 11/30/2003
Commissioning Guidelines. Describes Washington state public building commissioning requirements, including items to be specified in construction documents. These requirements define the goals, personnel, systems to be... 06/30/1999
Commissioning High Performance Buildings. Addresses the failure of many green buildings to save as much energy as predicted. The article advises retaining the commissioning authority from the predesign through occupancy stages. 12/31/2009
Commissioning High-Tech Facilities. Although high-tech facilities, such as laboratories, data centers, cleanrooms, health care, and specialized research facilities, receive a higher level of quality assurance and optimization in... 10/31/2011
Commissioning K-12 Schools. Discusses commissioning of K-12 schools, with its unique challenges and potential for the impacts and benefits of a properly executed commissioning process that can significantly improve the quality... 04/30/2003
Commissioning Labs for Safety. Discusses the responsibilities of laboratory commissioning professionals, emphasizing confirmation of emergency power for vital systems, coordination of building and laboratory systems, and testing... 05/31/2008
Commissioning Lighting Control Systems for Daylighting Applications. Discusses commissioning activities during design, construction, and acceptance phases for daylighting that help ensure that the lighting control systems perform optimally. While the commissioning... 04/30/2003
Commissioning New Construction at Emory University. Discusses the process of commissioning for effectively maintaining and verifying new construction needs for campus facilities on a continuous improvement basis. The Emory University facility... 08/31/2001
Commissioning Provides Value to Campus Facilities. Defines commissioning of buildings and describes the goals it sets out to achieve: 1)a safe and healthy building, 2)improved energy performance, 3)reduced operating costs, 4)improved staff expertise... 10/31/2003
Commissioning Resource Center (Portland Energy Conservation Inc) Portland Energy Conservation Inc.(PECI) has compiled documents, case studies, and organizations related to building commissioning. This site also includes operation and maintenance best practices to...
Commissioning School Construction Projects. Explains school building commissioning at each of five phases: pre-design, design, construction, post-construction, and warranty. Typical issues, solutions, and suggestions for improvement for each... 12/31/2004
Commissioning Strategies. Discusses retro-commissioning of campus buildings to conserve energy, with emphasis on buildings that were never initially commissioned. A step-by-step approach to retro- commissioning is described. 04/30/2009