Bond Issues and Campaigns

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Rural School/Community: A Case Study of a Dramatic Turnaround and Its Implications for School Improvement Reversing two decades of school-community turmoil, Valley View--a small, rural community in northeastern Vermont--approved a bond issue for school construction. This case study uses organizational... 09/30/1990
ABC's of School Funding. [Qualified Public Education Facility Bonds] Qualified Public Education Facility Bonds (QPEFs) are a potential funding mechanism for both charters and public schools. QPEFs are a type of exempt facility bond created under section 422 of the... 12/31/2002
American School & University's School Bond Center: Top School Bond Issues, Updated Monthly
Annual Bond Referenda Survey: 1999. Revised. A 1999 annual school construction survey for New Jersey reveals that the state's voters approved 71.3 percent of the school construction elections, more than the previous year's approval... 02/22/2000
Ballot Box: November 2007 Bond Election Results. Compilation of results of November, 2007 bond elections for school construction across the country. 11/11/2007
Betting on Bonds This looks at school construction bond referenda proposed and passed in 2005. A bond proposal signifies an institution's need for capital funds; it's passage is a barometer of the public... 12/31/2005
Beyond the Bond Campaign. Advises continuing public relations efforts after a bond passes. Both internal and external communications are critical, so it is important to have a communication plan in place that will serve both... 07/31/2008
Big Bucks and Cooperation Mark Bond Campaign in Carolina. Reports that North Carolina colleges are working together as never before to secure passage of the most expensive ($3.1 billion) statewide bond referendum package ever for the support of higher... 09/30/2000
Bond Funding. [California] The State of California is spending $9.2 billion in state school bond funds to modernize and build new schools to begin addressing an estimated $40 billion in statewide school infrastructure needs.... 12/31/1999
Bond Issues. Notes trends toward increased borrowing by colleges and universities and offers guidelines for institutions that are considering issuing bonds to raise money for capital projects. Discussion covers... 12/31/1999
Bonding Agents. Discusses how to improve a school district's bond rating by paying down existing debt, preparing to show how the district will address its economic and demographic weaknesses, and negotiating... 03/31/2007
California Says No To Laxer Rules for Bond Votes. Voters in California rejected a measure designed to make it easier for districts to win financing to build and repair schools, despite the efforts of a coalition of education and business groups that... 03/14/2000
California School Finance System: Facilities Funding. For the most part, funding for the construction and repair of California's school facilities is separate from funding for operations. The bulk of capital costs are paid for through public bonds... 12/31/2006
California Voters Weigh Making Facilities Bonds Easier To Pass. A clause in California's constitution requires school bonds to garner a two-thirds majority in order to pass.On March 7, California voters will decide whether that 121-year-old clause has had... 02/29/2000
Capital Financing For Private & Independent Schools. This paper is a primer for school boards and management. It provides a basic overview of the key issues, considerations and options associated with the use of debt by private schools to address... 02/19/2005
Capital Financing of Schools: A Comparison of Lease Purchase Revenue Bonds and General Obligation Bonds. This article uses Texas as an example of the distinction between lease purchase revenue (LPR) bonds and general obligation (GO) bonds. The study shows that LPR bonds typically have a higher interest... 06/30/2002
Capital Outlay and Bonding. This chapter of Principles of School Business Management provides a generic overview of the major tasks associated with financing a school district's large capital programs. The chapter opens... 12/31/1985
Cash-Poor, Bond-Rich. Reviews how the Los Angeles Community College District is in the midst of a bond-funded building boom, even while statewide budget cuts have dramatically reduced programs. 06/17/2009
Casting for Cash. Case study of the successful bond measure campaign of the Rowland Unified school district in Los Angeles County, California. Describes the timing of the campaign, putting together the right team, and... 05/31/2002
Championing our Children: Winning Elections on School Finance Issues. Presents tactics for successful school finance campaigns, including identifyng and publicizing the school system's assets, enlisting supporters, analyzing voter records, and campaign management. 03/31/2004
Checklists and Step-By-Step Instructions for Successful School Bond Elections, in New Mexico. Advises New Mexico school district leaders of all the necessary steps, complexities,. and details that lead to a successful bond election, with a primary focus on maximizing community support, and... 12/31/2009
City School District of Albany Facilities Plan. The Albany, New York, Board of Education has developed a facilities improvement plan for the Albany City Schools. This document provides detailed information about the plan, its process, vision,... 12/31/2000
Clark County School District. 1998 Bond Accomplishment. A Report to the Community. Details Nevada's Clark County School District's accomplishment from 1998 through 2010 in completing the construction of 101 new schools, delivering 11 replacement schools not included in... 12/31/2009
Cleveland Banks on Bond Issue To Repair Aging Facilities. Voters in Cleveland must decide whether they will help the 76,000-student district pay the $1.4 billion bill to replace aging roofs, faulty wiring, rotted windows, malfunctioning boilers, and a host... 05/01/2001
Cleveland Banks on Bond Issue To Repair Aging Facilities. Voters in Cleveland must decide whether they will help the 76,000-student district pay the $1.4 billion bill to replace aging roofs, faulty wiring, rotted windows, malfunctioning boilers, and a host... 05/01/2001