Athletic Fields

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Complete Guide to Sports and Recreation Surfaces. Advises on selection and care of synthetic turf, track and tennis court surfaces, and fitness room and gymnasium floors. 06/30/2007
A Complete Guide to Sports Surfaces and Flooring. Discusses athletic surfaces for tennis, field sports, and track, including a lengthy case study of surfaces used in the 184,772-square-foot Centre of Elgin (Illinois). The surfaces of the Centre... 06/30/2006
A Scoping-Level Field Monitoring Study of Synthetic Turf Fields and Playgrounds. Reports on a study of the toxicity of the tire crumbs typically found in artificial turf. The study found that the concentrations of particulate matter, metals, and volatile organic compounds that... 10/31/2009
Additional Artificial Turf Issues. Addresses concerns over chemical and other hazards of artificial turf fields. Ingredients in the crumb rubber filling, abrasions, higher surface temperatures, and potential for lead in the fibers are... 12/31/2007
Age of Enlightenment. Advises on how to make athletic facility lighting more eye-catching, practical, and environmentally sensitive. Examples of upgrades and the money saved are provided, as is advice on controlling spill... 09/30/2006
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) An on-line directory of ASLA members and firms, searchable by firm name, practice type, city, or state. Landscape architects plan and design school grounds, outdoor classrooms, parking lots, athletic...
Artificial Turf vs. Natural Turf. Describes recent innovations in artificial turf that make it safer and often cheaper overall than high-end, demanding natural turf systems. Artificial turf is especially recommended as a reliable... 06/30/2005
Artificial Turf: Exposures to Ground-Up Rubber Tires Presents research revealing that tire crumbs used in athletic fields typically contain volatile organic compounds (VOC's) with carcinogenic potential that are released into the air and... 12/31/2006
Athletic Field Use and Feasibility Study: Bellefonte Area High School. Assesses the existing and planned athletic fields at this high school, in advance of a campus redesign that will convert some existing fields to parking. Details regarding the condition of the fields... 07/27/2005
Athletic Turf This site provides information for athletic field managers and includes access to articles from Athletic Turf News on natural turf management, synthetic turf issues, budgeting, planning, and...
Balanced Beams. Advises on avoiding light pollution when illuminating sports fields. Computer modeling of light spill, dark-sky advocacy, glare, types of light fixtures and reflectors, pole configuration, and... 02/28/2005
Baseball and Softball Fields: Design, Construction, Renovation, and Maintenance. Offers guidelines, specifications, and tips for the creation, reconstruction, maintenance, and management of baseball and softball facilities. Stadium and field design, fences, dugouts, bullpens,... 12/31/2002
Battlefields. Discusses parental involvement in a Title IX case that forced the Tempe, Arizona school district to provide equal funding for a girl's softball field when the district, for reasons of cost... 02/28/1997
Blood Lead and Turf Field Q and A. Presents a brief list of six questions and answers addressing concerns of those who might have played at artificial turf fields in New Jersey that have been found to contain lead. 03/31/2008
Breaking Ground: Making the Most of Your Sports Fields. Advises on athletic field maintenance, addressing aeration, water savings, mowing, weed control, and allowing the field to go unused during maintenance regrowth. 01/31/2010
Bright Prospects. Explains lighting quality, techniques, and structural considerations that will properly support football field illumination needs. Luminary assembly, pole strength and burial requirements, and the... 11/30/1994
Building a Safer Athletic Playing Field. Discusses issues involved in planning an athletic playing field, including player safety and the selection of artificial turf or grass. 10/31/2002
Building Blueprints: Outdoor Athletic Facilities. Reviews master planning, drainage, turf, soils, irrigation, support buildings, and seating for outdoor athletic facilities. 07/31/2007
Campus Recreational Sports Facilities: Planning, Design and Construction Guidelines. Covers the planning process from the perspective of the campus master planner and the recreational sport director; the feasibility study process, how to determine whether to build new or renovate... 12/31/2008
Compaction and Wear Concerns on Sports Fields. Describes relatively simple measures athletic facility managers can use to alleviate the turf destruction and compaction of athletic fields including seed and soil amendments and modifications on... 08/31/1999
Cover Ups: Selecting the Right Shade Structure for Your Needs. Discusses shade structures for athletic and recreational facilities, noting attention to climate, potential vandalism, aesthetics, self-installation, water resistance or porosity, and orientation... 09/30/2010
Cushioning the Fall. Describes criteria to be used in creating artificial turf athletic fields. The primary considerations are proper drainage and appropriate cushioning for the sports played on them. Fields intended for... 10/31/2003
Damage Control. Discusses varieties of athletic field vandalism and their remedies. 03/31/2005
Developing Great Schoolyards - A Handbook for Elementary Schools. Handbook explores outdoor spaces such as small athletic fields, vegetable gardens, and playgrounds that provide opportunities for physical challenges, exercise, sensory and fantasy play, organized... 09/30/2011
Dreams of Fields. Presents an example of one school's solution to space needs for handling play and practice times for its multiple sports teams. It explains the school's planning efforts towards agreeing to... 10/31/1998