Athletic Facilities Maintenance

Title Abstract Publication Date
13 Points to Washroom Safety. Washrooms today must be outfitted according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but many of the safety features mandated by the ADA also make good common sense for any school restroom.... 02/28/1997
A Clear Vision. Explores the process of keeping pool water safe and healthful through careful planning of filter purchases and replacement. Deciding when filters need replacing, the type of filter required, and... 09/30/2000
A Drain on Resources? Discusses the high cost of maintaining pools and how some schools are closing theirs, even though interest in competitive swimming is increasing. Cost-saving measures and alternative funding... 07/31/2009
An Eye on Prevention. Discusses the types of washroom fixtures and locker room equipment that educational facilities can utilize to help minimize and discourage student mischief. Topics include controlling germs by... 04/30/2000
Annual Checkup. Advocates the closing and draining of indoor aquatic facilities for annual maintenance and suggests seven tasks to be performed during this procedure. 02/29/2004
Athletic Business The Athletic Business Web site includes a product database on Building and Facility Components which lists manufacturers of such components as acoustical panels, building systems, gymnasium dividers...
Automated Water Chemistry Control at University of Virginia Pools. Describes the technologically advanced aquatic and fitness center at the University of Virginia. Discusses the imprecise water chemistry control at the former facility and its intensive monitoring... 10/31/1997
Beauty and the Beast: Maintaining Your Gymn. Details inspection and maintenance of gymnasium bleachers, floors, and basketball backstops, including the hiring of qualified personnel and maintaining records of work done. 01/31/2011
Bleacher Safety: Inspections, Maintenance and Risk Management. Facility Masters Webcast Recording. Webinar covers bleacher safety tips, recommendations and preventive maintenance checks including: general safety; code compliance; inspections; maintenance best practices; protecting your investment... 08/31/2011
Bleacher Safety: What Do We Look For? What Can We Do? Discusses safety issues surrounding aging bleacher systems, highlighting the following three primary safety considerations: space between seats and footboards; guardrails; and the structural... 03/31/1999
Breathe Deeply. Discusses indoor air quality issues related to school gyms, locker rooms, and pools; explores ways to keep the indoor environment healthy. Includes discussions of mold and fungus control as well as... 04/30/2000
Chairman of the Boards. Discusses the decision process for replacement or renovation of aging school bleachers. Topics address building code adherence, bleacher safety inspection, bleacher repair tips, and floor-traction... 06/30/1997
Clean Sweep. Advises on a wide selection of floor finishes, cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions for the many varieties of floors found in athletic facilities. Offers criteria for matching use of the floors... 10/31/2003
Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online This is the on-line home of Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine. Web site features articles, buyers guide, key topics, new products, and a calendar.
Cleaning Physical Education Areas. Discusses techniques to help create clean and inviting school locker rooms. Daily, weekly or monthly, bi-annual, and annual cleaning strategies for locker room showers are highlighted, as are the... 11/30/1999
Cleaning Physical Education Areas. Discusses techniques to help create clean and inviting school locker rooms. Daily, weekly or monthly, bi-annual, and annual cleaning strategies for locker room showers are highlighted, as are the... 11/30/1999
Cleaning Up: Battling Germs in School Facilities. Describes the threat of norovirus and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Saphylococcus aureus) in schools, typical places where germs reside in schools, and proper cleaning to combat germs. Includes three... 01/31/2009
Consumer Product Safety Commission Alert: Whitco Co. LP Stadium Light Poles Can Fall Over, Posing Risk of Serious Injury and Death. Warns that several stadium light poles from this defunct company have fallen, and that many standing ones have developed fractures and/or cracks where the pole is joined to its base plate. It is... 08/23/2009
Don't Give 'Em the Slip. Discusses the selection criteria for athletic facility locker room flooring that will provide safety, ease of maintenance, cost savings. Comparative comments are provided on ceramic tile, carpeting,... 09/30/1994
Dry Runnings. Advises on humidity control in athletic facilities, with particular attention to natatoriums and ice rinks. HVAC design, vapor barriers, dehumidification, water temperature, and indoor air conditions... 10/31/2007
Facility and Equipment Management for Sport Directors. This book, intended for directors or managers of sport facilities, presents an overview of management techniques, strategies, and considerations. The first section focuses on planning for effective... 12/31/1995
Facility Design and Management for Health, Fitness, Physical Activity, Recreation, and Sports Facility Development. Offers extensive advice on athletic facility and event management, common facility components and their design, field and court specifications, recreational spaces, specialty areas, and trends. The... 12/31/2004
Feet First. Discusses the high priority nature and maintenance needs of keeping playing surfaces to sports and recreation facilities. Grass and synthetic field and track surface maintenance are discussed as are... 06/30/2000
Field of Dreams. When planning summer work, school athletic facility managers must address the maintenance and renovation of natural grass and synthetic fields, tennis courts, and running tracks. This article... 06/30/2003
Fowl Ball: Keeping Ballparks Safe from Bird Infestations. Reviews health risks and cleaning costs for bird infestations in stadiums, as well as non-lethal and environmentally sensible methods for discouraging them. 10/31/2008