Assessing School Facilities Damaged by Natural Disasters

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Final Determination. Discusses ways of comparing costs of renovation and maintenance of a facility versus building new. A detailed table provides an itemized example of how capital renewal costs might compare to new... 10/31/2003
A Proven Methodology for Assessing School Buildings. Discusses the methodology and benefits of the Building Condition Assessment Survey (BCAS) approach for evaluating school building conditions for long-range capital planning. The level of survey... 11/30/2000
A Systematic Approach to Evaluating the Building Envelope. Describes a process for evaluating a building's envelope (roof, walls, windows, waterproofing, and structure). Steps are grouped into the following categories: building history, field inspection... 08/31/2002
After the Storm Details recovery planning for tornado strikes on schools. 04/30/2012
After the Storm. Profiles the building of a new Aplington-Parkersburg High School in Parkersburg, Iowa, after destruction by a tornado. The new school was able to be built in one year due to expedited decision-... 12/31/2008
At the Ready: Planning for Business Continuity. Advises on disaster response for school systems, detailing a 10-step recovery system developed by the Consortium for School Networking that emphasizes business continuity, inventory and documentation... 04/30/2011
Basic Techniques for Quick and Rapid Post-Earthquake Assessments of Building Safety. Immediately after and during the first days after a strong earthquake occurs, thousands of buildings may result in damages, while new shocks can still occur. Of main interest is to carry out as... 02/28/2009
Blueprint for Rebuilding. Reports on assessment of storm damage to schools following hurricanes Katrina and Rita, citing the possible silver lining of obtaining better and more educationally appropriate facilities in the... 11/30/2005
Braving the Elements: Protecting Schools Against Weather-Related Disasters Discusses common weather-related hazards (floods, windstorms, and winter storms) and provides some steps administrators can take to protect their schools. Suggests administrators periodically assess... 03/31/1997
Build New or Renovate: How Facility Assessments Can Help. Explains what a facilities assessment consists of, what it measures, the benefits of engaging a professional, and how long it might take. 12/31/2002
Building Condition Evaluation Manual. Provides checklists to enable a person of moderate training to make an accurate estimation of the structural, mechanical, and safety condition of a school buildings. The lists are divided into... 12/31/1996
Case Studies in Rapid Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings. Offers 53 case studies of specific buildings evaluated using the ATC-20 Rapid Evaluation procedure. The 53 case studies include 21 from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and 12 from the 1994 Northridge... 12/31/1995
Checklist for Tornado/Hurricane Damaged Structure Inspection After a structure has been damaged during any of the wind storms -- tornado, hurricane, or high winds -- this describes the damage signs that should be noted for a wood frame structure (exterior and... 12/31/2010
Coming Back from Katrina. Describes the damage done to several New Orleans universities by Hurricane Katrina, and briefly narrates some of their experiences restoring their campuses, programs, and enrollment. 10/31/2006
Coping with Crisis: Members Respond to Hurricane Aftermath. Presents personal narratives from facility managers at New Orleans area universities citing their experiences before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. Experiences in with safeguarding the... 10/31/2005
Damage Assessment Worksheet For Volunteers Assisting in Recovery Efforts. One-page checklist to assist in assessing damage to a building after a natural disaster, such as flooding or earthquakes. 12/31/2010
Design Guide for Improving School Safety in Earthquakes, Floods, and High Winds. Provides design guidance for the protection of school buildings and their occupants against natural hazards, concentrating on K-12 facilities. The focus is on the design of new schools, but the... 12/31/2003
Disaster Planning, Management, and Recovery Guide. Assists school districts in the preparation of their emergency preparedness guide. This online publication takes the user through the responsibilities of essential staff, as well as providing... 12/31/2006
Expecting the Unexpected. Discusses the importance of communication, insurance, return to class, and raising of community morale after natural disasters, citing examples from storms that struck Nebraska and Florida. 05/31/2005
Feasibility and Cost Analysis Forms. North Carolina Public Schools A comprehensive set of checklists and rating systems on 13 pages intended to help evaluate the cost and feasibility of renovating or replacing an old school building. The forms are intended to be... 04/07/1998
Field Manual: Postearthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings: Second Edition. Provides procedures and guidelines for the safety evaluation of earthquake-damaged buildings. These procedures and guidelines are written specifically for volunteer structural engineers, as well as... 12/31/2004
Flood Cleanup: Avoiding Indoor Air Quality Problems. Discusses steps to take when cleaning and repairing a home after flooding. Excess moisture in the home is cause for concern about indoor air quality primarily because it provides breeding conditions... 12/31/2002
Flood Damage Assessment: Procedures for Cleaning Out a House or Building Following a Flood This discusses flood water damage and recovery and provides basic clean-up procedures, including warnings on what to do before beginning clean-up efforts. Specific advice is provided for assessing... 12/31/2010
Flood-Resistant Materials Requirements for Buildings Located in Special Flood Hazard Areas. Provides guidance on what constitute flood-resistant materials, and how and when these materials must be used to improve a building's ability to withstand flooding. A flood-resistant material is... 12/31/1992
Flooding and Schools. Discusses what flooding can do to schools; how to prevent or mitigate flood damage; how to prepare for and respond to flood emergencies; and how to recover from a flood. Includes an appendix on... 12/31/2010