Title Abstract Publication Date
9 Things to Know About Listening and Learning in Today's Classrooms Discusses classroom acoustics and the role they play in a child's education. Differentiates between hearing, listening, and comprehending. Explains how learning is affected by background noise,... 08/31/2001
A Case Study in Acoustical Design Addresses concerns of both facilities planners and instructional designers in planning for the audio component of group presentations. Factors in the architectural design of enclosures for the... 12/31/1991
A Classroom Acoustic Model to Evaluate Prescriptive Options to Meet a Performance Standard A standard to prescribe the acoustical performance of classroom spaces is now under development. As drafted, the standard will contain performance requirements, and many members of the working group... 05/31/2000
A Clear View. Surveys advances in window design and glass technology that can permit windows to better play their often diametric role of letting in and keeping out just the right level of light, cold, heat, noise... 06/30/2001
A Concrete Solution. Cites the virtues of precast concrete for school construction. These include lower construction costs, shorter construction time, high seismic and blast resistance, a wide variety of design options,... 05/31/2008
A Crash Course in Classroom Acoustics. Provides lay-language guidance for evaluating the acoustics of a classrooms. A variety of acoustical factors are described, including room shape, materials and surfaces, potential internal and... 12/31/2002
A Little Forethought Can Save Money. Encourages use of a sound engineer in the earliest planning stages of construction or renovation. Gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria, and classroom noises can be anticipated and handled effectively... 04/30/2010
A New Standard for Acoustics in the Classroom Studies indicate that poor acoustics interfere with learning and pose a particular barrier for students with special needs. So compelling is the evidence that it led to the recent approval of an... 12/31/2002
A Quieter School: An Enriched Learning Environment. The aim of this article is to alert school administrators to the effects of noise on children's cognition, reading skills, and learning ability and to suggest ways they can participate in the... 12/31/2002
Achieving Acoustical Standards in the Classroom. Study of HVAC Systems and Classroom Acoustics. In recent testing, Trane has been able to prove that the ANSI/ASA S12.60 recommended sound levels can be met in new and existing schools buildings with minimal or no added cost using off-the-shelf... 12/31/2010
Acoustic Comfort. [Whole Building Design Guide] This section of the Whole Building Design Guide focuses on acoustic comfort in offices, classrooms, and conference rooms, and discusses the following: site selection; glazing, HVAC noise issues,... 07/31/2006
Acoustic Design of Schools. Building Bulletin 93. [United Kingdom] This bulletin provides a regulatory framework for the acoustic design of schools in the United Kingdom; gives supporting advice to and recommendations for planning and design of schools; and provides... 11/30/2003
Acoustic Environment Challenges for the Unique Communication Conditions in Group Learning Classes in Elementary School Classrooms Unlike the traditional ``sage-on-the-stage' configuration of many K–12 classrooms, the group learning or ``guide-on-the-side' configuration does not involve communication between a teacher... 03/31/2005
Acoustic Requirements for a Multi-Purpose Hall. This case study examines the proposed design of a new lecture/recital hall in Centennial Hall at Lynchburg College that will be used for lectures, public events, a film studies course, and musical... 08/31/2002
Acoustical and Noise Control Criteria and Guidelines for Building Design and Operations. Presents concepts for enhancing building operations through reduction of noise from building systems and structural vibration. Topics covered include roof-mounted building equipment, fan sizing for... 10/31/2009
Acoustical Barriers in Classrooms: the Impact of Noise on Performance in the Classroom. Reports the results of a British study that explored the effects of typical classroom noise on the performance of primary school children on a series of literacy and speed tasks. One hundred and... 05/31/2006
Acoustical Barriers To Learning: Children at Risk in Every Classroom. This article reviews relevant literature on acoustical barriers to successful learning and provides guidance for school personnel making decisions regarding classroom facilities. Effects of noisy... 09/30/2000
Acoustical Case Studies of HVAC Systems in Schools. Describes five sources of HVAC noise and presents eight case studies describing specific school HVAC systems along with their noise abatement features. 04/30/2004
Acoustical Characteristics of Ohio State University Classrooms. Learning in a classroom requires that students be able to hear the instructor’s speech signal without undue strain or discomfort. In 2002, the American National Standards Institute created a new... 05/31/2010
Acoustical Considerations in Planning and Design of Library Facilities Discusses acoustical demands in libraries to consider during the design and construction process of new or renovated library space. Topics include intrusive noises; overly reverberant spaces; lack of... 12/31/1998
Acoustical Design of Learning Spaces Discusses the criteria for designing a fully integrated learning environment, wherein human factors and technological systems function symbiotically within a carefully optimized space. This paper... 05/31/2000
Acoustical Design of Music Education Facilities. This publication provides essays on the acoustical design of music education facilities and reproductions of posters describing 50 projects presented at the 117th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of... 12/31/1989
Acoustical Design: Basis of a Sound Education. Cites sources of internal and external noise that cause students to be unable to understand 25 to 30% of what is being said in classrooms. A recent case study from the Los Angeles Unified School... 03/31/2005
Acoustical Environment of School Buildings. Discusses results of a field study made of the acoustical environment of schools designed for increased flexibility to meet the spatial requirements of new teaching methods. Questionnaires were sent... 12/31/1962
Acoustical Odyssey. Profiles Sonoma State University's Green Music Center. The building hosts a light-filled shoebox concert hall with outstanding acoustics, a recital hall, classrooms, and rehearsal and practice... 12/31/2010