Access Control Systems

Title Abstract Publication Date
A Healthy Approach to Fitness Center Security. Examines techniques for keeping college fitness centers secure while maintaining an inviting atmosphere. Building access control, preventing locker room theft, and suppressing causes for physical... 07/31/2000
A New Lease on Access Control. Discusses the advantages of leased, over owned, building access control systems. Leasing reduces capital costs eases upgrades when new technologies or security needs arise. 02/29/2008
A Practical Guide to Access Control and Security. Advises on design and specification of building access control systems, noting typical mistakes caused by excluding access control engineers from the planning process. Mismatched components, low bids... 05/31/2008
A Safe Bet. Advises on safety in athletic facilities, addressing the use and integration of surveillance, biometrics, radio-frequency identification (RFID), smart cards, and video analytics. 11/30/2009
A Sense of Security. Reviews features of sophisticated campus access systems, including wireless systems that avoid expensive drilling at installation, supplementation of card access with video and biometric systems, and... 01/31/2008
A Sharing Proposition. Describes how the University of Vermont and St. Michael's College in Burlington, Vermont cooperated to share a single card access system. Discusses the planning, financial, and marketplace... 04/30/2002
A Smart Move. Discusses use of smart cards in high schools, advising on how to select the functions the card will provide, efficiently produce the cards, select the software, and accommodate privacy requirements. 08/31/2005
Access Control for Building Systems? Describes how automated building system technologies may soon make security technology, such as access control, more practical for K-12 schools. 03/31/2003
Access Control Is More than Security. Describes the University of New Mexico's photo identification LOBO card system, which performs both security and validation tasks. It is used in conjunction with several C-CURE 800 Integrated... 10/31/2002
Access Control Needs to be Comprehensive. Addresses the need for comprehensive school access control. The article is framed in the context of the four D's (deter, detect, delay, and detain). 11/30/2010
Access Control Systems, Policies, and Procedures. Discusses the problem of failed access control systems due to improper use, failure to comply with the system, and disabling for convenience. 12/31/2008
Access Denied. Recommends creating a culture of safety in schools by conducting safety surveys of schools, their grounds, and their neighborhoods, by survey teams consisting of educators from the school assisted by... 03/31/2005
Access Denied. Traces the evolution of access control from keys to electronic systems in the 1990's, with the first innovation being magnetic stripe access cards. Some higher education institutions continue... 10/31/2008
Access Granted. Explores card access systems in colleges and universities and how access cards are being upgraded to include other features that enhance functionality and building security. Addressing card... 09/30/1997
Accessing the Campus. Discusses the expanded uses of school identification card systems for college campuses and the benefits to the campus of having a one-card, multi-purpose system. Tips for setting up a one-card system... 04/30/1999
Advanced Planning. Explains the importance of developing a comprehensive security plan prior to purchasing more equipment and resources to bolster school safety. Decision making following the plan's development is... 03/31/2000
Advances in Protection. Explains how integrating information technology can extend the capabilities of school security systems beyond traditional card access. Explores the use of biometric identification technologies such... 08/31/2000
Alvord Schools Network Access Control to Improve Security. Describes how this California school system used bond funding to place their 20 schools on a single access control network, replacing most keys with access cards and traditional locks with wireless... 09/30/2008
Armed with the Basics. Discusses digital-imaging technology and multifunctional photo ID systems in school security. Suggestions on hiring a security consultant when selecting a school security system are discussed as is... 08/31/1999
Assessing School Security: Not an Either/Or Question. Discusses school security program assessment and strategies that try to strike a balance between security equipment and staffing needs. Also explored are where security equipment can save school... 12/31/1999
Auditing Schools for Safety. Explores the issues involved in conducting effective safety audits for educational facilities. Areas covered include auditing for site characteristics, access control, lighting, building exterior,... 12/31/1999
Balancing Convenience and Safety. Illustrates with examples a variety of situations where convenience of access to a school facility should be a lower priority than safety, in order to prevent violent incidents. The article... 08/31/2008
Balancing Security and Learning. School Security Supplement. Discusses ways to provide vital safety to schools without inhibiting the learning environment for students. Describes security efforts at Orange County, Florida schools, such as using video cameras,... 01/31/2002
Bellevue School District Centralizes Access Control. Profiles this Washington school system's access control system that coordinates highly restricted key blanks, proximity cards, removable core key locks, and teacher cabinet locks. 11/30/2008
Bethany College Toughens Up Exit Devices for Better Security. Describes how this college upgraded to electronic door latches, although initial equipment did not stand up to the heavy use, and had to be upgraded yet again. 02/28/2009