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Mitigating Hazards in School Facilities

Mitigating Hazards in School Facilities (4 pages)

Describes a process for assessing the safety and security of school buildings and grounds, making a hazard mitigation plan, and implementing the plan.

The following 25 NCEF Assessment Guides supplement this publication; they may be downloaded separately for use in the assessment process:

  • School Grounds and Site Access Control (11 pages)
  • Outdoor Athletic Facilities and Playgrounds (3 pages)

  • Building Access Control: Entry Doors, Windows, Walls, Roofs (5 pages)
  • Entry and Reception Areas (3 pages)
  • Corridors, Interior Doors, and Lockers (4 pages)
  • Stairs and Stairwells (1 page)
  • Elevators (1 page)
  • Exitways (2 pages)

  • Classrooms (4 pages)
  • Portable Classrooms (2 pages)
  • Art, Music, and Dance Rooms (2 pages)
  • Labs, Shops, and Computer Rooms (2 pages)
  • Offices, Workrooms, and Conference Rooms (2 pages)

  • Food Service Areas and Student Commons (2 pages)
  • Restrooms (2 pages)

  • Library/Media Center (2 pages)
  • Health Services Center (1 page)
  • Auditorium/Theater/Performing Arts Center (2 page)

  • Indoor Athletic Facilities (2 pages)

  • Emergency Communications, Power, Fuel, and Water (2 pages)
  • Security and Surveillance Systems (2 pages)
  • Fire Alarm and Control Systems (1 page)
  • Mechanical Systems (2 pages)
  • Custodial and Equipment Rooms(1 page)

  • Areas of Refuge/Community Shelter (2 pages)

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