A Summary of Scientific Findings on Adverse Effects of Indoor Environments on Students' Health, Academic Performance and Attendance.

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Summarizes the current state of scientific knowledge about the adverse impacts of school indoor environments on health and performance. Key gaps in knowledge and critical outstanding research questions are also summarized. The report is based on a literature review that examined the relationships between indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in schools and the academic performance, attendance, and health of students. The quality of scientific methods and the consistency of findings among studies were also considered, as were similar studies in other building types, due to the lack of scientific information available specifically from studies in schools. The evidence suggested that poor environments in schools adversely influences the health, performance, and attendance of students, but overall inadequacies in school IEQ have not been systematically characterized. Includes 125 references. The public dissemination of this report is required by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Section 5414. Studies of National Significance, subsection (a) (1) Unhealthy Public School Buildings.
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