A Study of School Facilities and Recommendations for the Abbott Districts. [New Jersey]

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The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) presents a study of facilities' needs for the Abbott School District's 28 educational facilities and provides recommendations concerning how the state should address those needs, including appropriate and alternative funding. Study assessment data show the estimated cost for existing facility rehabilitation would be over $1.8 billion, of which half the amount would be for facility expansion and architectural and structural refurbishing. The study also lists recommended facility specifications deemed necessary to assure students can achieve the Core Curriculum Content Standards. Other state's educational facility construction and funding practices are highlighted as promising approaches for New Jersey to consider. Final comments address the state's plan for Abbott District facilities improvement, including the administrative actions of the NJDOE, and the issues related to the development of a state financing plan which is outside of the special areas of expertise of the department.
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