A Study of the Effects of the Exemption of School Construction Projects from Ohio's Prevailing Wage Law.

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Reports on a five-year study of the effects of exempting school construction and renovation projects from the state's prevailing wage law. The study found indications of $487.9 million in aggregate savings, an overall savings of 10.7 percent. Evidence was not available as to the portion of the estimated savings, if any, that could be directly and conclusively attributed to the prevailing wage exemption. A general satisfaction on the part of the users indicated that the exemption did not appear to have decreased the quality of school construction either. The exemption did not appear to have much impact on construction wages, as school construction accounted for a small percentage of construction activity, construction workers do not specialize in school construction only, and demand for construction workers has been high since the exemption went into effect.
Lundell, Allan
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