The Impact of School Buildings on Student Health and Performance

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This 30-page report, issued in 2012 by the McGraw Hill Research Foundation, indicates that even with unprecedented investment in school facilities over the last decade, deferred maintenance and capital investment needs in U.S. public schools have created a disparity that has led many advocates to lobby for school bond levies, federal appropriations, grant programs and other funding measures. At the same time, it has increased the demand for research that strengthens the connection between school facilities and academic outcomes. As this research field moves forward, authors Lindsay Baker, University of California, Berkeley, and Harvey Bernstein, former Vice President, Industry Insights & Alliances, McGraw Hill Construction, explain that our challenge is in “filling gaps and clearly building links on a chain, investigating the essential phenomena at play when children are impacted by their school buildings.”
Lindsay Baker
Harvey Bernstein
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McGraw-Hill Research Foundation
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1 - 30
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