High Performance Sustainable School Design: Roy Lee Walker Elementary, McKinney, Texas.

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This document describes the sustainable features of the Roy Lee Walker Elementary School (Texas), a prototype Eco Education school that blends the physical environment with the student learning process while protecting the site. The document also presents the process of integrating sustainability criteria in all phases of the school's life cycle. The sustainable design features highlighted include the use of wind and solar energy to reduce climate control costs, a rainwater harvesting design to reduce water costs, a natural daylighting design that reduces the need for flourescent light during the day, and classroom corridor technology that utilizes thousands of square feet of hallway space for learning activities. A floor plan and project timeline are included along with a paper that documents the school's sustainable features, which was presented on May 16, 2000, at the Twelfth Symposium on Improving Building Systems in Hot and Humid Climates.
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