A High Performance School Case Study: Northern Guilford Middle School.

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Profiles this Greensboro, North Carolina school as an example of a commitment to promoting sustainable design. The school features a set of green strategies that include: 1) a holistic water cycle approach, with rainwater for toilet flushing coupled with bio-swales and wetlands; 2) a new daylighting design that has never been implemented in any facility; 3) indirect lighting with photocells and occupancy sensors; 4 an energy-efficient building shell; 5) underfloor air distribution system; 6) solar water heating and photovoltaic systems; 7) recycled materials and use of local products; 8) indoor environmental quality management; and 8) 3-D experiential learning centers linking curriculum to sustainable design features. The case study introduces detailed information of each green strategy and how comprehensive strategies are well integrated into the project to stay within the budget.
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