California School Buildings 1960-1965.

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This publication is intended to help California school officials and planners create school buildings that provide environments needed for the operation of an outstanding program of public education. It encourages them to visit the schools presented and similar ones in order to become informed about new planning concepts and trends in school housing. Many of these concepts and trends are illustrated in the publication. For example, big block schools with internal corridors and windowless classrooms are becoming a rarity, with most schools returning to the campus plan concept, using landscaped courts and natural materials to create informal environments. The school site is being used more efficiently, and school buildings are becoming more compact than in the past. The cluster plan has almost universally replaced the finger plan concept for elementary schools, encouraging cooperation between teachers by allowing them to share multiuse areas, resource centers, and teacher preparation areas, all adjacent to their classrooms. Better acoustical control and lighting is evident, and technology is enabling these comfort factors to be coordinated with flexible interiors. Recently constructed school buildings demonstrate that there can be no retreat to the rigid space planning of the past. The three most dramatic modern trends are spaces divided by movable cabinets rather than walls, almost total acceptance of carpets, and air conditioning.
Gibson, Charles D.; Eatough, Clair L.
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