Access to Libraries for Persons with Disabilities: Checklist. IFLA Professional Reports, No. 89

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In many countries all over the world, access for patrons with disabilities to use libraries is not yet available or even expected. In order to provide equal opportunities for all library users, it is necessary to look with the eyes of these patron groups at the physical condition of library buildings, as well as library services and programs. This checklist--developed by the IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) Standing Committee of Libraries Serving Disadvantaged Persons (LSDP)--is designed as a practical tool for all types of libraries (public, academic, school, special) to (1) assess existing levels of accessibility to buildings, services, materials and programs and to (2) enhance accessibility where needed. Accessibility needs of library staff are beyond the scope of this document. A list of related resources and useful web sites in English is also included.
Irvall, Birgitta; Nielsen, Gyda Skat
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