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The NCEF Safe School Facilities Checklist is designed for assessing the safety and security of proposed and existing school buildings and grounds. Facility assessments are best performed by experienced building and safety professionals working closely with school officials.

Each school is different. Tailor the checklist to your school's needs by selecting the appropriate categories and subcategories below. The information you choose will be downloaded to your computer in an Adobe file.

NCEF Assessment Guides
An alternative form of this checklist is the series of NCEF Assessment Guides covering specific building spaces and subjects. The guides can be downloaded individually, and multiple copies can be made for repetitive spaces such as classrooms.
I plan to use the NCEF Safe School Facilities Checklist for:
Reviewing plans for a new school facility
Assessing an existing school facility

I would like supplemental information on the following hazards:
Acts of violence and terrorism
Hurricanes, tornados, and other wind hazards

Select from the following checklist categories or subjects, as appropriate:
  School Surroundings   (click to select all subcategories)
 Potential Man-Made Hazards
 Seismic and Wind Hazards
 Flood Hazards

  School Grounds   (click to select all subcategories)
 Site Access Control
 Site Circulation
 School Bus Areas, Parent Pick-Up Areas, and Public Transportation
 Vehicle Parking
 Bicycle Parking
 Pedestrian Pathways and Student Drop-Off Areas
 School Grounds and Recreational Areas
 Exterior Lighting
 Dumpster Enclosures
 Storm Water Retention Areas
 Site Utilities

  School Buildings and Facilities   (click to select all subcategories)
 Building Access Control
 Exterior Walls
 Exterior Doors
 Canopies, Awnings, Breezeways, and Covered Walkways
 Portable, Modular, or Temporary Classrooms
 Main Office, Lobby, and Reception Area
 Administrative Areas and Staff Offices
 Corridors, Circulation, and Lockers
 Stairs and Stairwells
 Media Center
 Health Clinic/Nurse's Office
 Guidance Office and Conference Rooms
 Labs, Shops, and Computer Rooms
 Art Rooms
 Music Rooms
 Dance Classrooms
 Cafeterias and Student Commons
 Auditoriums and Theaters
 Locker Rooms
 Interior Doors
 Interior Lighting and Ceilings
 Water Fountains
 Vending Machines and Public Telephones
 Fire Alarm and Control Systems
 Means of Egress in Existing Buildings
 General Fire Requirements for Existing Buildings
 Storage and Equipment Rooms
 Non-Structural Building Hazards
 Emergency Shelters

  Communications Systems   (click to select all subcategories)
 Building Notification Systems
 Radio/Wireless Communication Systems
 Telephone Systems
 Communications Wiring

  Building Access Control and Surveillance   (click to select all subcategories)
 Building Access Control
 CCTV Surveillance Systems

  Utility Systems   (click to select all subcategories)
 Site Utilities
 Water Supply and Storage

  Emergency Power   (click to select all subcategories)

  Mechanical Systems   (click to select all subcategories)
 Fresh Air Intakes
 Air Handling and Filtration
 Equipment Inspection, Maintenance, Recommissioning, and Testing

Please carefully recheck the categories and subcategories you have selected before sending.



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